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Captain Rockhopper has arrived once again on the island of Club Penguin. This visit in April 2001 is coinciding with the Club Penguin Earth Day party, which kicked off on Friday, April 22. You can find Rockhopper’s ship, the Migrator, docked at the Beach. Captain Rockhopper himself can also be found from time-to-time, waddling around the island and greeting penguins. If you want some help locating him, be sure to take a look at the Rockhopper Tracker.

Whenever Rockhopper arrives, he brings some special new items with him, which you can find inside the hold of his ship. This time, he brought a few new rare items, all designed to help celebrate Earth Day. The free item, which anyone can get, is the Island Grove background, a special player card background. Members can also purchase the following items:

  • Hanging Moss (furniture item), 150 coins
  • Mossy Log (furniture item), 300 coins
  • Boiling Cauldron (furniture item), 500 coins
Rockhopper's Rare Items April 2011

Rockhopper's Rare Items for his Earth Day party visit in April 2011

There you have it. I think this is one of the first times that Rockhopper’s Rare Items have all been furniture items. Usually they’re clothing. What do you think about his stuff for this visit? Are you looking forward to decorating your igloos with these new Earth Day items?


It wouldn’t have been a very good pirate-themed Adventure Party without an appearance by Captain Rockhopper. He just arrived today on the island to take part in the festivities. As usual, if you go to the beach, you’ll see Rockhopper’s ship, the Migrator, docked behind the lighthouse. Rockhopper always brings rare items with him on board to sell once he arrives on Club Penguin and this time there are some really good ones.

Rockhopper's Items for June 2010

All the items from Rockhopper for his June 2010 visit.

Free Item: The Squid Lid

Everyone can get a free item by visiting the Migrator. Recently, Rockhopper has been giving out player card backgrounds but now the free item is a very cool hat called the squid lid. Go check it out.

Jolly Roger Flag

Members can buy a pirate flag to place in their igloos. It features a puffle skull and crossbones design against a black background.

Striped Pirate Bandanna

This hat is for members only and it costs 375 coins.

Pirate Arm Bands

The arm bands, also for members only, cost just 150 coins.

Pirate Lass

This fancy pirate dress costs 425 coins and is also just for paid members in Club Penguin.

Of course, while Rockhopper is visiting the island you have a good chance to meet him. Give the Rockhopper Tracker a try to see if you can spot him as he moves from server to server.


Thumbnail image for Rockhopper Leaving and Puffle Rescue Coming

Rockhopper Leaving and Puffle Rescue Coming

Well, Rockhopper’s visit is about to come to an end. If you haven’t had a chance to visit the Migrator yet, go to the Beach right now before his ship departs for Rockhopper Island. Don’t forget there is a free item available down in the Ship’s Hold. It’s the treasure background. Members can purchase some […]

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