I took a break from the Club Penguin Christmas Party today to play the new island mission on Poptropica. It’s called Counterfeit Island and it just came out today as an Early Access release. That means you need to purchase an Early Access pass from the Poptropica Store to play it. The pass costs 500 credits and you can either buy the credits with money or earn them by finishing five earlier islands in Poptropica. There’s a full Counterfeit Island Walkthrough on PoptropicaSecrets.com and I’m posting the videos here too. Counterfeit Island is pretty good. I didn’t think it was nearly as hard as Astro-Knights was, but it’s definitely harder than most of the other islands on Poptropica.

P.S. You get 200 credits as a reward if you finish it before the early access time ends, which will be in January. So even though it costs 500 credits, you’ll get some of them back. These video walkthroughs of the island make it easy!


Sometimes I play Poptropica and Dizzywood too, and there’s some really cool news on both sites this weekend!


Dizzywood is having a free Gold Explorer weekend and it ends today. Gold Explorer on Dizzywood is the paid membership so on Friday and Saturday of this weekend, everyone gets to be Gold Explorer without having to buy a membership. It ends today though so you have to check it out today if you want all the Gold Explorer stuff for free. You can get all the clothes, superpowers, critters and even the mansion without having to be a paid member.

I’ll be on Dizzywood a lot today earning lots of coins to get stuff for my sweet new mansion. Stop by the Whirly server and say hi!



Poptropica has two new outfits in the Poptropica store this weekend. They are the Tiger Shark outfit and the Swan Ballerina outfit. Both cost 75 credits in the Poptropica store. The really big news, though, is that there’s a new island coming really soon on Poptropica. It’s called Counterfeit Island and there are a lot of blog posts about it showing up in the Poptropica Creators Blog. They haven’t announced a release date but it will be here soon.



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Poptropica Haunted House Walkthrough

Halloween is coming and it’s hitting Poptropica a little ahead of Club Penguin. I posted a complete walkthrough of the new mini-mission called Poptropica Haunted House on my Poptropica blog. It’s a totally cool mini-mission. It’s much shorter than the main island missions, but it has some great surprises and secrets in it. You can […]

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