Another Club Penguin EPF Field Ops Mission has arrived. EPF agents should see their spy phones blinking red when they login. To get started, click your spy phone and teleport over to Club Penguin EPF HQ. There you can accept this week’s Field Ops assignment. This week, we learn that the signal detected in last week’s Field Ops Mission said, “Our plan is working! Get the parts from the booth.”

Club Penguin Stage Booth

Stand inside the booth for the Field Ops Mission.

This week’s assignment is to locate the booth and repair any damage we find. The booth that is mentioned is the ticket booth at the Stage in the Plaza. So after accepting the assignment, use your map or the spy phone to teleport to the Plaza and then stand inside the ticket booth. When you do, your phone will light up green and vibrate. Click on it to start this week’s puzzle, which is the good old micro battery game. In this one, you need to charge up the chipsets while avoiding the red things that will zap you.