mission 11

There’s a special secret gift in Club Penguin related to one of the rewards you get at the end of Mission 11. If you’ve completed the mission and done the special extra credit part where you help the brown penguin fix his eyeglasses, then Dot will give you a special reward at the end. It’s a cool snow globe and it goes in your inventory. Click on it and you’ll be able to shake it to produce popcorn snow inside. But there’s also a red button on the side, and if you click that button, the snow globe will slide away to reveal a very cool pair of spy goggles that you can wear.

Club Penguin spy goggles

Here’s a picture of what the spy goggles look like on your penguin.

Wearing spy goggles in Club Penguin

Looking sneaky in my spy goggles.

If the spy glasses look a little familiar, you might recall that Club Penguin showed some sketches of what the glasses might look like in one of their Mission 11 sneak peek posts from back in November of last year.


After an incredibly long wait, Club Penguin Mission 11 is finally about to be released. It will come out on May 18, 2010, and the biggest news so far is that the mission has an official name. It will be called, The Veggie Villain.

Club Penguin posted a sneak preview on the official blog. It features the above screenshot of the Mine and a pathway in the snow leading to a corn field. Based on the screenshot and the mission name, it looks like Herbert will be plotting to steal some of the vegetables and crops that we all planted near the mine for Earth Day! But what’s behind this sinister plan? I guess we’ll need to wait until May 18th to find out.

In the meantime, make sure you’re all caught up on your Club Penguin Missions so that you’re ready to tackle the Veggie Villain once it comes out. Check out my Club Penguin Mission cheats page for all the walkthroughs, tips and secrets for the first ten.


Thumbnail image for Secret Message from Herbert

Secret Message from Herbert

There’s a really cool hidden secret in this week’s issue of the Penguin Times newspaper. In the back of the newspaper, on page C7 (the Announcements section), you can click on the envelope next to the story about upcoming improvements to Penguin Mail. When you click, you’ll find a hidden message from the PSA asking […]

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Thumbnail image for Club Penguin New Year and 2010 Preview

Club Penguin New Year and 2010 Preview

BillyBob just made a post on the Club Penguin blog about upcoming events for 2010. He said that the Holiday Party had come to a close, but if you log in right now, it’s still going on. He also dropped a few hints about some things we’re all waiting for, like the upcoming Club Penguin […]

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Thumbnail image for Club Penguin Mission 11 – The Veggie Villain Walkthrough

Club Penguin Mission 11 – The Veggie Villain Walkthrough

It’s finally here! Club Penguin Mission 11, also known as Veggie Villain has been released and all PSA agents can start it by going to the HQ. After 17 months of waiting, we’ve finally got a new PSA mission in Club Penguin. And it may be the last mission you ever do for the PSA! […]

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