golden puffle

The Puffle Party for 2012 is in full swing and to help celebrate, the epic play, Quest for the Golden Puffle has returned to the Stage. In this play, two treasure hunters, Alaska and Yukon, set out to try and find the mysterious Golden Puffle. The set is an ancient Egyptian desert and tomb, complete with a running stream and very hungry looking crocodiles.

There is one hidden cheat inside the costume catalog for Quest for the Golden Puffle. Open up to the title page and click on the golden puffle sitting on top of the stone to get the Crook & Flail.

Club Penguin Crook and Flail in Costume Trunk


The popular play, Quest for the Golden Puffle, has returned to the Club Penguin Stage. Quest for the Golden Puffle was the big winner at the Club Penguin Play Awards earlier this year, when it nearly swept all the awards. It won for Best Play, Best Music, Best Effects and Best Set. It only lost the Best Costumes category to Fairy Fables. The story of Quest for the Golden Puffle is about a treasure hunter named Alaska who, along with her friend and sidekick, Yukon, travel the world looking for adventures and treasure. This play has an Egyptian setting as the adventurers explore the pyramid of King Ra-Ra in their quest to find the legendary Golden Puffle.

Here’s what the set looks like for the play:

Costume Trunk Cheats and Secrets

There aren’t very many Club Penguin cheats and secrets inside this play’s costume trunk catalog. Just one:

Crook & Flail

Click on the Golden Puffle on top of the title page to get the Crook & Flail for 300 coins.