field ops 13

Field Ops 13 is here and in this assignment for the EPF, you’ll need to track down a wrecked vehicle. The EPF needs you to shut down the vehicle’s computer before the technology inside can be used against us.

To complete the mission, head to the Command Room as always and accept the mission. Then go to the Hidden Lake by way of the secret entrance in the forest (under the big boulder). Then waddle to the bottom left corner of the Hidden Lake, where you’ll find the wrecked Aqua Grabber submarine. When you’re standing on top of it, your spy phone lights up green and vibrates. Click it to start the puzzle game.

Wrecked Sub in the Hidden Lake

The wrecked sub inside the Hidden Lake.

This week, it’s the return of the matching block game. Five blocks fall from the top and you need to line up the bottom block with its match before they reach the bottom. You use the arrow keys to move the bottom block. It’s really easy in the beginning but it gets harder as the game progresses. All you need to remember is to move your piece back to the middle in-between rounds. That way, you’ll never have to do more than two key presses to line things up.