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It took a little longer than expected, but the January 2010 issue of Penguin Style, the Club Penguin clothing catalog, has arrived at the Gift Shop in town. This catalog has a bunch of new items, along with the usual Club Penguin cheats, secrets, and hidden items. There’s also a brand new special page where you can create a custom t-shirt by choosing from a menu of different colors and designs.

Create a T-Shirt

The new create your own custom t-shirt page is near the front of the catalog. You can choose from three different shirt colors and five patterns for a total of 15 different possible designs. Once you’ve designed the shirt you like, click on the tag to buy it for 250 coins.

Club Penguin Catalog Cheats

There are a lot of secrets, hidden items and cheats in this month’s issue of Penguin Style. Here’s how to find them all. Check out the video or the descriptions and screenshots below to help find all the Club Penguin clothing catalog cheats for January, 2010.

Pink Snorkel

Click on the snowman’s carrot nose to get the pink snorkel, which costs 200 coins.

Pink Flippers

Click on the mountaintop on the far right of the same page to get the Pink Flippers, which also cost 200 coins.

Red Viking Helmet

Click on the bubble in the middle of the page (next to the yellow fish) to get the Red Viking Helmet. It costs 750 coins.

Blue Viking Helmet

Click on the Red Viking Helmet to close the window and then click on the bubble to open it again. Repeat this three times to get the Blue Viking Helmet, which costs 1,200 coins.

Stocking Cap

Click on the Coins for Change bucket to get the blue and white striped stocking cap for 200 coins.

Long Johns

Click on the top of the snow-covered pine tree on the left to get the long johns. They cost 350 coins.

Musical Instruments

There are a few partially-hidden items in the middle tree. They are the Drumsticks (120 coins), the trumpet (450 coins), the acoustic guitar (700 coins), and the snare drum (380 coins).

Black Superhero Mask

Click on the letter K in Penguins at Work to get the black superhero mask for 100 coins. This month’s penguins at work outfit is the construction worker, which means you’ll probably see a lot of penguins hanging out at the iceberg trying to tip it with the jackhammers. It won’t work.

The Dizzy Wig

Click on the white puffle sitting on top of the purple penguin’s head to get the Dizzy, a wig that costs 500 coins.

That’s all for this month’s clothing catalog cheats!