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It’s the first Friday of the month and everyone in Club Penguin knows that that means! The newest issue of Penguin Style has arrived! That’s right, there are new clothing styles available for members over at the gift shop. This month’s catalog features fashions focused on the festivities for the Club Penguin Puffle Party that will be arriving later this month. And as always, there are plenty of hidden items, cheats and secrets inside the pages. Here is a video guide to finding all of them.

Hidden Items Inside the Catalog

  • Click on the bucket on the painter penguins head to get the Red Viking Helmet for 750 coins.
  • Click on the helmet to close the box and repeat the above 3 times to get the Blue Viking Helmet, which costs 1,200 coins.
  • On the page with the lumberjack penguin, click on the tree trunk in the background to get the big white scarf for 175 coins.
  • Click on the word PENGUINS in the Penguins at Work sign to get the Flutterby wig and the Blue Buckle-Up jacket. The wig costs 300 coins and the jacket costs 450 coins.
  • Click on the light blue holiday light on the Coffee Shop awning to get the Puffle Pullover sweater, which costs 400 coins.
  • Click on the yellow puffle to get the Candy Cane Wing-warmers for 100 coins. You don’t want your flippers to freeze!
  • Click on the steps of the snow fort in the middle of the page to get the yellow toque (200 coins) and the Black Whirlpool Snowsuit (600 coins).
  • Go to the page with the two penguins building a snowman. Click on all three treetops to get the following items: the Blue Earmuffs (250 coins), the Blue Striped Scarf (175 coins) and the Blue Mittens (100 coins).
  • Click on the middle of the evergreen tree on the left side of the page to get the Gingerbread Costume for 400 coins.
  • Click on the blue ornament on the Christmas tree to get the Snowboard Boots, which cost 275 coins.
  • Click on the tree in the background under the blue umbrella to get the Brown Teal Cap (300 coins) and the Green Vest (450 coins).
  • Click on the pink penguins beak to get the Blue Designer Scarf for 150 coins.
  • Click on the purple penguin’s beak to get the Pink Designer Scarf for 150 coins.
  • Click on the orange penguin’s flipper to get the Blue Striped Scarf for 150 coins.

That’s it for all the clothing catalog cheats and secrets for February 2011. What did you think of all the items in this month’s catalog? Leave a comment below!


Hard to believe, but there have now been twenty Club Penguin Field Ops missions. Maybe I’m having trouble believing there have been twenty because Club Penguin keeps repeating the same puzzles over and over again. This time, Gary needs us to seek out the final part for the new defenses, which is disguised somewhere on the island as a telephone.

To complete the mission, first click on your spy phone and head to the EPF Command Room, where you can accept the Field-Op. Now head to the inside of the mine and waddle up to the left corner, next to the red telephone on the desk. When you arrive in that spot, your spy phone light will turn green and it will ring and vibrate. Click on it to begin the puzzle.

Club Penguin Red Telephone

The red telephone in the Mine is the key to finishing this week's Field Ops mission.

This week, the puzzle is the power up the chipset puzzle that we’ve seen several times before, beginning with Field Ops Mission 2 – Broken Antenna. The goal is to power up each of the chips with your remote battery. You can power up two of them and then you need to recharge. One of the chips is behind a lock, and you’ll need to pass over the key before you can access it. For the full walkthrough, check out the video.


Thumbnail image for Club Penguin Earth Day and New Room

Club Penguin Earth Day and New Room

The latest issue of the Club Penguin Times, the official newspaper of Club Penguin, has been released. This week, it’s full of news about the upcoming Earth Day Party. The party will run from April 22 through the 25th and this is the very first Earth Day Party on Club Penguin, so there’s bound to […]

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Thumbnail image for Club Penguin Frog Pin

Club Penguin Frog Pin

The newest collectible pin in Club Penguin is the Frog pin. It features a very cute frog sitting on a lily pad. You’ll find the new pin over at the Dock. It’s in the lower right corner of the screen, near your toolbar. The new pin celebrates Earth Day and the upcoming Club Penguin Earth […]

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Thumbnail image for Rockhopper Arrives with Old Stuff

Rockhopper Arrives with Old Stuff

Rockhopper’s ship, the Migrator, arrived today at the beach in Club Penguin. As always, he brought some rare items with him for sale to members and one free item for everyone. The rare items include some really old stuff, like the Admiral’s Hat and Admiral’s Coat. The hat hasn’t been seen for about four years! […]

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Thumbnail image for Club Penguin Feather Pin

Club Penguin Feather Pin

There’s a brand new pin hidden up at the beacon in Club Penguin. It’s the Golden Feather pin and it’s a very special pin. In addition to being a collectable pin, you’ll need it to get across the river inside the play at the stage, the Secrets of the Bamboo Forest. The feather pin is […]

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Thumbnail image for Club Penguin Server Improvements Coming

Club Penguin Server Improvements Coming

Billybob let everyone know yesterday that some server improvements are coming to Club Penguin this week. They’re trying to make Club Penguin load a lot faster, which is great news for everyone. Spq96 over at the ClubpenguinCP blog also has a theory that the server changes might break many of the Club Penguin cheats and […]

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Thumbnail image for Club Penguin Clothing Catalog Cheats for January, 2010

Club Penguin Clothing Catalog Cheats for January, 2010

It took a little longer than expected, but the January 2010 issue of Penguin Style, the Club Penguin clothing catalog, has arrived at the Gift Shop in town. This catalog has a bunch of new items, along with the usual Club Penguin cheats, secrets, and hidden items. There’s also a brand new special page where […]

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Dance and Wave Moves for Fire Ninjas

Here’s something new that everyone is talking about. Fire Ninjas have two new special dance and wave moves. They’re very similar to the original ninja and cloud bracer moves but involve some really slick fire animations. These moves are triggered by doing the Dance or Wave actions with your penguin on the toolbar, or just […]

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Three Easy Ways to Get 1,000 Club Penguin Coins in Five Minutes

Got five minutes to spare? You can make a lot of coins very quickly in Club Penguin in just five minutes. Everyone knows that to get all the fun stuff in Club Penguin, you need to earn plenty of Club Penguin coins. Although there are now a lot of different ways to earn coins in […]

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