club penguin tour guide

Today’s activity is to be tour guide and show a new penguin around the island. Here’s what the newspaper says. Remember that tour guides also get paid with coins at the beginning of each month!

Put on your tour guide hat and take a new penguin around the island, teaching them everything they need to know about Club Penguin. If you’re not a tour guide, take a tour!



Club Penguin sent payments out to Tour Guides and Secret Agents via Penguin Mail. You get 250 coins for each job, so if you are both a tour guide and a secret agent, you’ll get 500 coins. It’s not a lot of coins, but since you don’t really have to do anything it’s a nice little bonus for the month.

Club Penguin Paid in the Mail


How to Be a Tour Guide in Club Penguin

How To Become a Tour Guide in Club Penguin With the recent announcement that Club Penguin will start paying coins to penguins who become tour guides or secret agents, a lot of people want to know how to get those jobs. It’s really easy to do, but there are a few important things you need […]

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