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The new issue of the Penguin Times is out and it features coverage of the Club Penguin April Fool’s Party 2012, which was also just released in the game. As usual, the April Fool’s edition of the Penguin Times is filled with funny and weird stuff and it gets started right on the front page.

For example, the front page contains the following “News Flash” items:

  • Rockhopper is a pirate!
  • Club Penguin is changing its name to Puffle-Puffle Happy Zombie Land!
  • Goldfish are neither gold nor fish!
  • Pizza tastes like pizza!

Ummm. OK. The main news covers the April Fool’s Party, which has appeared all over the island. Get ready for some craziness and zany happenings on Club Penguin this week while the April Fool’s Party 2012 is in full force!


The latest issue of the Club Penguin Times has arrived. Normally I don’t write about each week’s newspaper but this issue is something special: it’s the 250th! That’s an awful lot of newspapers over the past (almost) five years. Most of the issue is regular stuff, including upcoming news and events. There’s a feature story on Club Penguin Stamps and a teaser for a big event coming next month: the Club Penguin Mountain Expedition.

Club Penguin Times Issue 250 Celebration

Aunt Arctic celebrates issue 250 of the Club Penguin Times

If you go to page A6 in the newspaper, you’ll see a special section celebrating 250 issues. There’s a letter from Aunt Arctic, the Editor in Chief of the newspaper. In it, she reveals a few interesting bits of trivia from the newspaper, such as:

  • The first few issues of the newspaper (up until December 2005) appeared in black and white.
  • Two other penguins have written Aunt Arctic’s advice column: Gary the Gadget Guy and Rookie.
  • The PSA used to hide secret messages inside the newspaper.

Other news of note in this issue is that the new edition of Penguin Style will be out on August 6, followed by the new edition of Better Igloos and the Igloo Upgrades catalogs on August 20.

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