club penguin secret mission

Guide to Club Penguin Mission 2 (G’s Secret Mission)

This is a step-by-step guide to the second Club Penguin Mission, called G’s Secret Mission. In this mission, you test your wilderness survival skills after a snow sled crash in the mountains.

  • Talk to G and ask him for the mission.
  • G will ask you a riddle to test if you are really a secret agent. The answer is ‘mogul’.
  • Place the new sled in your inventory.
  • Go to the ski mountain.
  • Look for a sign that says test run. Click the prototype sled in your inventory and then go down the test run.
  • Crash your sled.
  • Pick up the rope behind the snowbank and then go to the right.
  • Pick up the survival guide.
  • Go over to the bush with the berries on it.
  • Get three berries.
  • Go to the tree to the right and shake it three times. A pot will fall out of the tree.
  • Go towards the tree stump.
  • Click on one of the puffles. All of them will run away except the black puffle.
  • Feed the black puffle a berry. It will react by bursting into flames and flying around for a bit. Then it will go back to normal and will follow you around.
  • Go to the left then go towards the log and the bush.
  • Pick up the ski. Put it in the same compartment as the string. It will make a fishing rod.
  • Put a berry with the fishing rod to use as bait.
  • Move to the right and go back to the tree stump.
  • Move to the right and go towards the cave.
  • Move to the left and go towards the river.
  • Use the fishing rod to catch a fish. Put the fish in your inventory.
  • Fill the pot with water.
  • Go to the right and pick up the piece of wood.
  • Go back to the cave. Click on the bushes in front of the entrance to move them aside.
  • Enter the cave and click on any one of the rocks.
  • Go to the new fire place you have made and put the piece of wood in it.
  • Get your survival guide and click on the fire.
  • Feed the puffle a berry. It will light the fire after flying around.
  • Cook the fish and eat it.
  • Boil the pot of water (to make it clean and safe) and drink it. You will slowly fall asleep.
  • You will wake up because of a noise outside.
  • Go outside and talk to the agent on a jet pack. He will bring you back to G in the Sport Shop.
  • Talk to G.
  • Get the medal and the letter from G.

Congratulations! You have completed the second mission in Club Penguin! If you feel like you’re ready to move on to the next one, please take a look at my guide to Club Penguin mission 3 – Case of the Missing Coins.