club penguin recycling plant

It’s time for another EPF Field-Ops mission in Club Penguin. Check your spy phone and then head to EPF HQ to pick up the latest assignment. Here’s what Gary has to say this time:

We have evidence that Herbert and Protobot are using citizen computers for their plans. We must act quietly.

Work together to search citizen computers for unusual programs. I have a new tool ready for you to use.

Use your map to head to the Mine and then go inside the Recycling Plant. Walk to the computer on the desk in the bottom right corner of the room and your spy phone will light up green and vibrate.

Club Penguin Recycling Plant Computer Desk

Walk over to the computer on the desk to activate this week's Field-Ops puzzle.

You’ll get a new Field-Ops puzzle game this week called, Passcode Required. This is a very fast-paced game where you must find and click on the puzzle piece that matches the one highlighted on the right. This is a little harder than it sounds because many of the puzzle pieces are similar and they rotate, making it tricky sometimes. You’re also on a very quick timer–you only have a few seconds to locate each one. After several successful matches, you’ll win the game and earn another EPF Field-Ops medal.

Club Penguin Field Ops Puzzle Match

Match the piece in the field to the one highlighted on the right before the timer runs out.

After you beat the puzzle and win your medal, a new message from Herbert will appear. Here’s what he has to say:

To: UP10K “Protobot! We’ve wasted enough time attacking the EPF’s System Defender! Those fowl fools are better than I thought.

We need a new plan. Send the Wheelbot to my lair, I need its design. Oh – and stop calling me ‘polar bear’!

It looks like Herbert is changing tactics. And what is the Wheelbot? We’ll soon find out!

Club Penguin Herbert Message for Field Ops 34

Herbert is angry with Protobot!