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There’s a new edition of the Costume Trunk Catalog available when you visit the Club Penguin Play Awards inside the stage. The catalog features a small selection of costumes from each of the nominated plays. There are some good choices in there, including my all-time favorite: the sheep costume from the Fairy Fables play. Of course, there are also some hidden items and cheats contained in the pages, and here’s a guide to finding them.

Video of Cheats

Here’s a video that shows you how to find the hidden items. If you prefer text instructions, read below.

The Hidden Items

Penguin Awards Background

Click on the golden penguin statue to get the Penguin Awards Background, which costs 60 coins.

Club Penguin Awards Background

Lobster Costume

Click on the periscope coming out of the letter “d” in the Underwater Adventures title graphic to get the Lobster Costume, which costs 600 coins.

Squidzoid Costume

Click on the “vs.” in the title graphic for the play to get the Squidzoid Costume.

squidzoid costume

And there you have it for all the hidden items and cheats inside this edition of the costume trunk. Be sure to stop by the stage to catch the show before the Club Penguin Play Awards end.


The Club Penguin Play Awards have returned to the stage and much of the island is decorated for the event. You can walk down the red carpet in the Plaza to go inside the Stage to see some of the festivities for the second annual awards, which honor the best plays from the past year held at the Club Penguin stage. Many areas around the island are decorated with “interview” stands and other items related to the awards. Here are the highlights of the party going on around Club Penguin.

Free Item: Press Hat

Free hat at the Dock in Club Penguin

The first stop for everyone should be the Dock, where there is a free item for everyone. It’s the press hat and you’ll find it in a box over on the left side of the area.

Free Items for Members: Award and Video Camera

Free items backstage in Club Penguin

Members can go backstage in the stage area to see a special room that is just for members only. It’s the same room as last year, with a green screen interview area and refreshments, along with a couch and lounge area. There are two free items in here, the penguin award statue and the video camera.

Ballot Box

Everyone can stop by the ballot box, located in the Plaza outside the Stage. Here you can vote on your favorite plays of the year in several different categories. The nominees are as follows:

  • Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal
  • Ruby and The Ruby
  • Quest for the Golden Puffle
  • Fairy Fables
  • Underwater Adventure

Four out of the five plays nominated this year were also nominated last year! The only new play in the awards is Underwater Adventure. Quest for the Golden Puffle won every award except Best Costume last year, which was won by Fairy Fables.

There are five different categories in the awards and you can vote for one play in each of the categories.

  • Best Play
  • Best Set
  • Best Music
  • Best Special Effects
  • Best Costumes

I voted for Underwater Adventure in all the categories because it’s the only new play to be nominated!


Aunt Arctic at the Club Penguin Play Awards

Several special and rare penguins have started appearing at the Club Penguin Play Awards. Aunt Arctic, the editor of the Penguin Times newspaper, has been appearing backstage at the awards (a members only area) and giving out player card backgrounds. There are reports that several other special penguins like the Club Penguin Band, DJ Cadence […]

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Club Penguin Play Awards

The Club Penguin Play Awards will happen later this month, from March 20-April 9. It will all take place at the stage. According to the Club Penguin blog, everyone will be able to vote on the plays and members will be able to walk the red carpet. The new March Penguin Style catalog that comes […]

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