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October will be a big month in Club Penguin with lots of events and parties towards the end of the month. We can expect to see a big Halloween party again this year and once again, Club Penguin will celebrate it’s anniversary with a one-day-only party. This year it’s the 5th anniversary because Club Penguin began on October 24, 2005! Everyone’s wondering the same thing: what color will this year’s party hat be? No one knows for sure. It will be a big secret until the party arrives, as will all the other details. But you can be sure it will be a big party. Usually, all the action is over at the Coffee Shop. See you there!


The Party Hats

We’re continuing the series on Club Penguin costumes today with a look at some of the most desirable items in the game, the Club Penguin party hats. One of the great things about the party hats is that anyone can have them. You don’t need to be a member. The only problem is that you need to have attended the anniversary parties in the past to get the hats.

Each year in October, Club Penguin holds an anniversary party to celebrate the launch of the game in October, 2005. That means that so far there have been four anniversary parties, with a fifth coming up in October 2010. The four anniversary hats are all striped and have a different look. They were all given out during the parties inside the coffee shop (the second year hat was given out upstairs in the Book Room).

If you have three or even all four of the hats it means you’ve been around a while! Here’s a look at all of the different party hats.

Club Penguin First Year Party Hat

The first year party hat had blue and green stripes.

Club Penguin Second Year Party Hat

The second year party hat had yellow and orange stripes.

Club Penguin third year party hat

The third year party had had blue, orange and yellow stripes.

Club Penguin Fourth Year Party Hat

The fourth year party had featured purple and blue stripes.

The Beta Hat

There’s an even rarer hat out there: the Beta Hat. This hat was given out to all players who participated in the beta test before Club Penguin launched. It was a pink and yellow-striped hat and it was given out in Town at the end of the beta test.

Club Penguin Beta Hat

One of the rarest items in the game. The Club Penguin beta hat!


Party Hats in Club Penguin

The Rare Party Hats There are special party hats in Club Penguin that have been given out over the years. These hats were designed to celebrate the beta launch of the site and all of the anniversaries. Just like the collectible pins, the party hats are collector’s items and will never be made available in […]

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