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Mountain Expedition is Here

The Mountain Expedition has arrived. Check out my full guide to the Club Penguin Mountain Expedition for all the details including how to get the free items and solve the different puzzles and challenges along the way. The short version of events is that the party is a lot of fun for members, but non-members […]

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Club Penguin Stamps Cheats

Club Penguin has just released a major new feature to the game, Club Penguin stamps. These are items that you can earn by performing certain actions in the game and you are able to collect them and show them off in your own stampbook. The stamps are rewarded for all kind of different activities in […]

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Club Penguin VR Room

There is a brand-new room in Club Penguin. It’s located inside the Elite Penguin Force area, inside the building that used to be the Winter Sports Shop. To get to the new room, which is called the VR Room, you use the new tube transport from the main EPF Headquarters. It’s a fun ride and […]

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Winter Sports Shop Closed

The latest news in Club Penguin is that the Winter Sports Shop is now closed for repairs, and it may be closed permanently. If you go to the ski village, you’ll see that the popcorn which appeared after Mission 11 was introduced is still there, but all the items from inside the Sports Shop are […]

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Popcorn Everywhere in Club Penguin

At the end of Club Penguin Mission 11, Herbert’s super popcorn device exploded inside the Penguin Secret Agent Headquarters, damaging it and sending popcorn everywhere. With the latest update on Club Penguin, everyone can now see the popcorn in several different room. It appears in the HQ, the Sport Shop, and outside in the Ski […]

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Herbert’s Message Decoded

There’s another hidden message in this week’s Club Penguin Times newspaper. If you go to page B8 and click on the word classified on the manilla folder, a piece of paper will pop up talking about the ninja catalog. Now click on the larger “CLASSIFIED” that appears as a watermark on the background of this […]

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Screenhog’s Don’t Miss List

Screenhog posted on the Club Penguin blog reminding everyone that the Medieval Party ends on May 16. There’s only a few more days left to check everything out and here are some of the things Club Penguin wants to make sure we all see before the party winds down this week. Rule your kingdom at […]

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Secret Message from Herbert

There’s a really cool hidden secret in this week’s issue of the Penguin Times newspaper. In the back of the newspaper, on page C7 (the Announcements section), you can click on the envelope next to the story about upcoming improvements to Penguin Mail. When you click, you’ll find a hidden message from the PSA asking […]

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Club Penguin Frog Pin

The newest collectible pin in Club Penguin is the Frog pin. It features a very cute frog sitting on a lily pad. You’ll find the new pin over at the Dock. It’s in the lower right corner of the screen, near your toolbar. The new pin celebrates Earth Day and the upcoming Club Penguin Earth […]

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Thumbnail image for Herbert in Club Penguin Times

Herbert in Club Penguin Times

The April Fool’s edition of the Club Penguin Times newspaper is always filled with some fun stuff, but this year’s edition comes packed with an In Focus section featuring a guest appearance by a, “tall penguin wearing a yeti costume.” But if you read the article it doesn’t take much effort to realize this is […]

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