club penguin mountain

Club Penguin Lone Climber

A lone penguin atop a mountain.

Club Penguin Mountain Expedition Gear

Geared up and ready to climb!

The Club Penguin Mountain Expedition has begun. This special event launched recently on Club Penguin. It all kicks off at the Ski Village. Head there and then walk under the Mountain Expedition banner to arrive at the base camp. The event only lasts a few days. Members will be able to explore the mountain until August 18.

Supply Camp

This area features a supply shack with several mountain climbing outfit items. If you’re a member, you can purchase a Red Climbing Helmet (300 coins), a pair of Binoculars (200 coins), an Expedition Backpack (350 coins) and even some Yellow Climbing Rope (150 coins). There’s also a free item in a box next to the Supplies shack. It’s the Chilly Trek Hat and both members and non-members can get it.

Club Penguin Mountain Expedition Catalog

The Club Penguin Mountain Expedition Catalog

Club Penguin Chilly Trek Hat

The free item for this party is the Chilly Trek Hat. It looks cozy!

Besides the supply area, you’ll also find a roaring campfire to keep warm and even a first aid tent. Members should walk to the cave opening in the upper-right corner to begin the expedition. Non-members will have to be content with hanging out at the Supply Camp.

Club Penguin Mountain Expedition Entrance

The entrance (members only) to the Club Penguin Mountain Expedition.

Icicle Cave

The next area features a cavern with a gate made of icicles. In order to pass through, you need to solve the puzzle so that all the icicles open up. Whenever you click on an icicle, the icicle you chose plus any adjacent icicles will switch their position (open or closed). So you need to experiment and solve the puzzle to pass. Once you’ve completed this puzzle there’s no need to do it again if you return. The blue box next to the gate will open revealing a red button you can press to open the icicle gate instantly.

Club Penguin Icicle Cave

Inside the Icicle Cave. Click the icicles in the back in the correct order to open the gate.

Rest Stop on the Mountainside

The next room is just a rest stop on the mountain. There’s a tent, a campfire, some sleds and supplies and even a big red comfy chair to sit in and rest your weary feet from the strenuous journey up the mountain side. When you’re ready to resume your trek up to the peak, walk up the path on the left side.

Rest stop on mountain expedition

Taking a break at the rest stop on the side of the mountain.


In the next area, you’ll come to an impassable chasm. In order to cross, you’ll need to do a few things to make a bridge over the chasm.

  1. First, click on the branch in the lower left and then click on it a few times more to sweep the snow off the axe handle.
  2. Next, click the axe to remove it from the snow and then click on it a few additional times to chop down the tree stump.
  3. Now throw snowballs at the icicles
  4. The icicles will fall down onto the sheet of ice which acts like a see-saw and propels the tree stump into the air. It lands across the chasm, acting as a bridge.
  5. Club Penguin Mountain Expedition Chasm

    The chasm blocks your passage until your ingenuity finds a way to cross.

    Before you cross the log bridge, though, click on the shiny block of ice in the lower right corner of this area. This spot is an entrance to a secret room!

    Club Penguin Mountain Expedition Secret Room Entrance

    The entrance to the secret room is in the lower right corner of this area.

    Secret Room

    The secret room features a viking longboat and a throne. How did a boat get in here? There’s also a giant sabre-tooth, um, fish trapped in the ice in the background. This is a very strange room. Take a close look at the huge slippers next to the chair on the boat. Something really big lives in this secret cave.

    Secret Cave in Club Penguin

    Inside the secret cave on the mountain.

    Mountain Peak

    Move over the log bridge to reach the summit of the mountain. Up here you can get two items, a free red flag and the Mountain Expedition Background for your player card. To get the background, walk up to the camera and click it to take a picture. There’s also a fish dogs food stand up here in case you’re hungry after a difficult climb.

    The Mountain Expedition is a fun event. There’s not really much for non-members to do here besides the one free item at the Supply Camp, but that’s really been how Club Penguin parties have been shaping up for the past two years. What do you think about the mysterious secret cave? What could possibly live there and will we see it appear during this event?

    Club Penguin Mountain Expedition

    Getting ready for the big Mountain Expedition