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The newest mission in Club Penguin, Mission 11, also known as Veggie Villain, has finally been released. After 17 months of waiting for a new secret agent mission, it’s finally here. If you’re an agent in the PSA, head to the secret HQ to start the mission right now.

Club Penguin made a change to the missions so that you don’t need to do the previous missions first. So don’t worry if you haven’t finished all the missions leading up to Mission 11. You can just jump right in and play it.

Here’s the link to the complete walkthrough:

Club Penguin Mission 11 Walkthrough


It’s been a long time since Mission 10: Waddle Squad was released. That mission arrived in the final week of December last year. Here we are a full eight months later and there’s still no sign of Club Penguin Mission 11. There are a lot of secret agent Penguins with nothing to do but goof around with their spy phones. I thought for sure that when Rockhopper arrived with plants last May that we’d be seeing Mission 11, but that turned out to be just for the Adventure Party. Check out the timeline picture. This is the longest time we’ve had to wait for a new mission. It’s really weird, because Club Penguin launched five missions in 2008 but so far none in 2009!

Bored of waiting for Mission 11? Join us in the Club Penguin Secrets forums in our discussion of mission 11.


Club Penguin Mission Cheats

Club Penguin Mission Cheats Club Penguin features several solo-player missions that you can do for fun and entertainment, but they can be challenging to finish, so here are some Club Penguin mission cheats to help you out. In order to do the missions, you need to be a Secret Agent. The missions take place on […]

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