club penguin mission 11

The newest mission in Club Penguin, Mission 11, also known as Veggie Villain, has finally been released. After 17 months of waiting for a new secret agent mission, it’s finally here. If you’re an agent in the PSA, head to the secret HQ to start the mission right now.

Club Penguin made a change to the missions so that you don’t need to do the previous missions first. So don’t worry if you haven’t finished all the missions leading up to Mission 11. You can just jump right in and play it.

Here’s the link to the complete walkthrough:

Club Penguin Mission 11 Walkthrough


The new Club Penguin Nintendo DS Game, Herbert’s Revenge, is coming out soon and Club Penguin posted another sneak peek in the official CP Blog this weekend. They also mention the new PSA mission coming out this week. Yes, after 17 months of waiting, Club Penguin Mission 11 is going to be here in just a few days. I can’t wait!

The picture here was also posted on the blog, but we’re not sure what it is. CP says it’s a sneak peek of something we’re going to see really soon and that it’s part of major upgrades on the island, but that’s all. It’s definitely something to do with the new mission, because at the very bottom center of the picture, you can see the PSA logo and of course there’s all kinds of technology and special spy equipment. Maybe the PSA HQ is getting a facelift!

Finally, CP announced that there will be two launch events for the DS game. They’re going to have a party at the Toys R Us store in Times Square, NYC on May 22 and another one at the Disney Store in Glendale Galleria, LA on May 23. If you live in NY or LA, you can attend the events.


Thumbnail image for Herbert’s Message Decoded

Herbert’s Message Decoded

There’s another hidden message in this week’s Club Penguin Times newspaper. If you go to page B8 and click on the word classified on the manilla folder, a piece of paper will pop up talking about the ninja catalog. Now click on the larger “CLASSIFIED” that appears as a watermark on the background of this […]

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Thumbnail image for New Sneak Peek for Mission 11

New Sneak Peek for Mission 11

After an incredibly long wait, Club Penguin Mission 11 is finally about to be released. It will come out on May 18, 2010, and the biggest news so far is that the mission has an official name. It will be called, The Veggie Villain. Club Penguin posted a sneak preview on the official blog. It […]

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Thumbnail image for Secret Message from Herbert

Secret Message from Herbert

There’s a really cool hidden secret in this week’s issue of the Penguin Times newspaper. In the back of the newspaper, on page C7 (the Announcements section), you can click on the envelope next to the story about upcoming improvements to Penguin Mail. When you click, you’ll find a hidden message from the PSA asking […]

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Thumbnail image for Christmas Party Still Going On

Christmas Party Still Going On

The Club Penguin Christmas Party was supposed to end yesterday, but it’s still going on right now. Maybe the Club Penguin staff didn’t return to work today after the holiday? Last year on the Monday after Christmas, the party ended and we were treated to the surprise launch of Club Penguin Mission 10 – Waddle […]

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Thumbnail image for Club Penguin Mission 11 Glasses and Sneak Peek

Club Penguin Mission 11 Glasses and Sneak Peek

Club Penguin made a new post on their blog about the upcoming Mission 11 (it’s been almost a whole year since Mission 10 came out!) and now there’s a special You Decide vote about special glasses that will appear in the game. You can vote on your favorite of three different styles and the winning […]

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Thumbnail image for Mission 11 Sneak Peek

Mission 11 Sneak Peek

Well, we all have been waiting forever for Club Penguin Mission 11, and now finally there’s a sneak peek posted on the Club Penguin blog. It’s not much of a sneak peek: just a quick little sketch of G standing in front of the monitors in the PSA headquarters and a little bit of explanation […]

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Thumbnail image for Where is Club Penguin Mission 11?

Where is Club Penguin Mission 11?

It’s been a long time since Mission 10: Waddle Squad was released. That mission arrived in the final week of December last year. Here we are a full eight months later and there’s still no sign of Club Penguin Mission 11. There are a lot of secret agent Penguins with nothing to do but goof […]

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Thumbnail image for Rockhopper Has Left the Island

Rockhopper Has Left the Island

Rockhopper has left the Club Penguin island again. Hopefully you were able to spot him on this visit. A lot of you were trying! You can see Rockhopper’s ship sailing off to the horizon if you look through the telescope at the Beacon on top of the Lighthouse. Although Rockhopper has departed, he left behind […]

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