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A brand new game has arrived in Club Penguin. It’s called Puffle Rescue and you can play it inside the mine, right next to where Cart Surfer is. The mine is kind of turning into a mini-arcade! The basic idea of the game is that you need to find missing puffles in the Underground Caves. The game follows the story that has been developing these past few weeks where many puffles have disappeared into the construction area in the mines. This guide tells you all about the game and reveals the strategies and Puffle Rescue cheats.

The gameplay is very similar to the classic arcade game Frogger, but with a few twists. In this game, you play the part of a rescue worker who must hop across the playing field on your way to save puffles who have become stranded. There are three different versions of the game and one of them is for non-members, while the other two are only for members. This follows the pattern with the Dance Contest game, where Club Penguin is making some of the content only available to subscribers.

The main menu in Puffle Rescue

Choose from three different versions of Puffle Rescue

Puffle Rescue is currently three games in one, with each game being very different, although all three follow some basic rules of play. In general, you move from spot to spot on your way to pick up stranded puffles by using the arrow keys. You need to avoid obstacles and time your jumps carefully. Each different version of the game has various challenges. Here’s a closer look at all the editions of the game.

Blue Puffle Rescue

Blue Puffle Rescue in Club Penguin

This is the version of the game that everyone can play. In this edition, you need to rescue blue puffles that have become stranded in the ice (poor little guys). In the first few levels, you only need to rescue one puffle at a time, but as the levels progress you need to rescue up to three blue puffles at once. The gameplay gets a lot faster, and much harder and the levels increase.

Cracked Ice Levels

Rescuing blue puffles in Club Penguin

This type of level is very straightforward. Just jump on the white ice blocks that float by to get to the solid immobile ice areas. However, on these solid areas you’ll sometimes see cracks. If you jump on one, the ice will break and you can’t go back onto that square. In most of the levels, you’ll never need to jump on these. Sometimes there are holes already in these areas, so watch out for them. Rescue each of the puffles trapped on the blue checkerboard squares and then bring them back to the starting black checkerboard square.

Shark Levels

Shark levels in Puffle Rescue

The second type of level in the Blue Puffle Rescue game is the shark levels. In these levels, sharks chew up the ice, making it difficult to cross. When doing these levels, just be aware of the sharks and the direction they’re heading. After a little while, the ice re-forms behind the sharks, so with a little planning and patience you should be able to navigate without too many problems. Sometimes the sharks suddenly switch directions, so watch out! In the later levels, there are several sharks in each area, which can make things pretty tricky.

Tip: it appears that the ice comes back six blocks behind the shark. It can be difficult to count when things are going quickly, but keep this in mind to plan out your moves on the shark areas.

Red Ball Levels

Club Penguin Blue Puffle Rescue Red Balls Levels

The third type of level in Blue Puffle Rescue is a little more challenging and requires you to have good timing and reverse direction a few times. In these levels, you jump across white ice blocks and snow-covered logs. Your path is blocked by large bouncy red rubber balls floating in the water. If you hit one, you’ll get knocked off, so be careful. These levels are easy in the beginning, but get really hard in the later levels when everything is moving by really quickly. The blue puffles you need to rescue are spread out around the board, but generally there’s one right above where you start, a second in the middle-bottom area, and a third in the upper-left. As always, it’s easiest to rescue all three and then head back to the starting spot once you’ve got all the puffles safe.

Pink Puffle Rescue

Pink Puffle Rescue is available for paid members only. In this variation on the game, you jump across mine carts deep underground. You also need to navigate over wooden crates, some of which will break apart under your weight when you land on them. In addition to great reflexes, you need to do a little planning because once these crates fall apart, you can’t return to those spaces. On top of all of this, the lighting is limited and you can only see clearly for a few squares around your penguin. This is a really challenging version of Puffle Rescue and quite a bit of fun!

I’m still working on the details and strategy guide for Pink Puffle Rescue, but will have tips, cheats and secrets for all the levels soon.

Black Puffle Rescue

Black Puffle Rescue can only be played by paid members in Club Penguin, just like Pink Puffle Rescue. In this edition of the game, you’ll go underwater with your rescue SCUBA gear to help black puffles that have become trapped inside bubbles. You can’t stay in the deep ocean parts of the board for very long or you’ll sink to the bottom. And you have to watch out for dangerous electrical sea monsters. In some of the levels, you can use powerful fans that will shoot you up above the obstacles on the boards. This variation of the game is very challenging and fun and requires some clever thinking, especially in the later levels.

Check back here soon for all the details and strategy guide for Black Puffle Rescue!

More Puffle Rescue Fun and Tips

Here is a sneak peek picture that Club Penguin posted on their blog post about the new game.

Puffle Rescue Sneak Peek

And here’s a look at the construction that happened inside the mine in preparation for the release of the new game.

Club Penguin Puffle Rescue Construction


Got five minutes to spare? You can make a lot of coins very quickly in Club Penguin in just five minutes. Everyone knows that to get all the fun stuff in Club Penguin, you need to earn plenty of Club Penguin coins. Although there are now a lot of different ways to earn coins in the game, the only way to get a lot of coins in Club Penguin is to dominate the mini-games. In some of my earlier posts, I’ve talked about the best games for earning coins in Club Penguin and given some tips and tricks on each of the different mini-games, like Cart Surfer and Puffle Round-up. If you play the right games and more importantly, know all the secrets and cheats for each of them, you can earn a lot of coins in Club Penguin very quickly. And that means less time to get all the fun stuff from the catalogs for your penguin and igloo!

Since the Christmas Party just ended and there isn’t much to do on Club Penguin right now, I thought I’d re-visit some of my earlier advice on the mini-games and show you three easy ways to earn 1,000 or more coins in just five minutes. You’ve probably got a few minutes to spare, right? Just follow one of these choices to get some Club Penguin coins quickly without cheating or hacking. Don’t forget, the January, 2010 issue of Club Penguin Style is coming out in just a few days, so now is a perfect time to start piling up the coins.

Cart Surfer

I love Cart Surfer. It’s still my favorite game for earning coins quickly. The nice thing is that there’s just two tricks you need to know and you can just repeat them over and over again and very quickly earn coins. The other nice thing is that the game is over pretty quickly, usually in just about a minute and a half or less. So you can just keep playing it until you can’t take it anymore! So, if you want to earn 1,000 coins in five minutes on Cart Surfer, here’s all you need to know: use the backflip move (press the down arrow and then the space bar) and the jump and spin move (press the space bar and then either the left or right arrow). And alternate between them constantly to get the maximum points. As long as you keep switching between the two moves, you’ll get 100 points for the backflip and 80 points for the jump and spin each time. That adds up to some serious points and coins.

Backflip. Jump/Spin. Backflip. Jump/Spin. That's all you need to know.

I got 1,039 coins in five minutes while playing cart surfer.

Puffle Roundup

Puffle Roundup can either be an insanely fast way to earn coins or a complete disaster of wasted time and frustration. It all depends on knowing and using one key bit of strategy. In this game, which is played in the Pet Shop, you need to herd lots of puffles into a pen. They’ll move along happily as long as you know how to do it properly. The key strategy is to work from the outside of the screen in, using large sweeping motions with your mouse cursor. Don’t move your cursor around in a ton of different directions or you’ll likely push one of the puffles off the edge of the screen and he’ll escape. That will cost you a lot of time and points. Instead, just do large sweeping arc motions until all the puffles are gathered together at the opening of the pen and then shove ’em in there and collect some amazing amounts of coins.

Just like Cart Surfer, this game goes pretty quickly if you stick with this advice. I got 1,021 coins in five minutes playing Puffle Roundup.

Catchin’ Waves

Catchin’ Waves is one of the newest Club Penguin games and it’s played at the Cove. One of the great things about this game is that there are a lot of different ways to play it. It has three separate modes and with the right techniques, you can get a lot of coins quickly in all three. But I like things easy. And here’s the absolute easiest way to get a lot of coins very fast playing Catchin’ Waves. First, play in Freestyle mode. Start pressing the “D” key repeatedly to do the Dance move. Just keep pressing it very quickly over and over throughout the whole game, because you get 10 points every time you do it. Then, all you need to do is position yourself right near the edge of the wave so that you are, “Shooting the Tube.” Once you’re in that position, you’ll see a little points counter show up next to your penguin. Ideally, you’ll be able to stay in this spot by slowly moving your mouse up and down to maintain a steady pace. If you break out of the tube by going too fast, just slow down and let it catch back up to you a bit. Shooting the tube and repeatedly pressing the D key is a great way to easily rack up a lot of points in this game.

Shoot the tube and jam on the D key in Catchin' Waves

I was able to complete two full runs in five minutes and got 1,003 coins in Catchin’ Waves.

Well, there you go. Got any better ways to earn coins quickly in Club Penguin? Post them here in the comments. And hey, it’s okay to stop reading for a few minutes and go earn some quick coins!


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