club penguin may 2010 clothing catalog

The Medieval Party is in full swing on Club Penguin and just in time to celebrate, there’s a brand-new issue of Penguin Style, the official clothing catalog for Club Penguin. This issue features lots of very stylish outfits with a medieval look to help you celebrate. And as always, there are plenty of secrets, hidden items, and clothing catalog cheats to discover in the catalog. Here’s a quick look at all the hidden items that you can find.

Dragon Costume

What’s the medieval party without dragons? You can dress up as one yourself with the hidden Dragon costume. Click on the first candle in the bookshelf to get it.

Club Penguin Dragon Costume

Emerald Dress and Beautiful Braid

Your penguin can become a fair maiden with the emerald dress and the long beautiful braid. To get them, click on the yellow decorative patterns that you see on the red curtain.

Club Penguin Emerald Dress

Green Hooded Cloak

The green hooded cloak is back. To get it, click on the second stone from the top in the middle of this page:

Club Penguin Green Hooded Cloak

Red Viking Helmet

Once again, the Red Viking Helmet can be found inside Penguin Style. To get it, click on the coffee cup on the right.

Club Penguin coffee cup
Club Penguin Red Viking Helmet

Blue Viking Helmet

The blue viking helmet is yours if you open and close the red viking helmet three times.

Club Penguin Blue Viking Helmet

Green Face Paint

You can purchase green face paint by clicking on the pink tile in front on the dance floor. It costs only 15 coins for a tube.

Club Penguin Green Face Paint

Top Hat

The Top Hat is still around and it is hidden in the Club Penguin Awards area. Click on the cup on the left of the page to get it. It costs 350 coins.

Club Penguin Top Hat

Dazzling Blue Top Hat

Want a hat with a little more style and pizazz? Click on the water bottle to get the Dazzling Blue Top Hat, which costs 475 coins.

Club Penguin Dazzling Blue Top Hat

Dazzling Blue Tux

You can get the Dazzling Blue Tux by clicking on the red button on top of the television camera. It will cost you 850 coins.

Club Penguin television camera lightClub Penguin Dazzling Blue Tux

Cocoa Bunny Costume

Click on the mountain peak on the left to find the Cocoa Bunny Costume. It costs 550 coins.

Club Penguin Cocoa Bunny Costume

Cocoa Bunny Ears

The cocoa bunny look isn’t complete without the ears. Click on the trees in the bottom left corner to find it.

Club Penguin Cocoa Bunny Ears

Pastel Suede Jacket

You can get the pastel suede jacket by clicking on the mountain peak on the right. It costs 700 coins.

Club Penguin Pastel Suede Jacket

Pom Pom Scarf

You can get the pom pom scarf by clicking on the leaning tree top. It costs 250 coins.

Club Penguin Pom Pom scarf

There you have it! All the cheats and secret hidden items for the May 2010 issue of the Club Penguin clothing catalog.