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Attention EPF agents: there is a new Field Ops mission available. This new mission is tied in to the Rockhopper’s Quest event happening right now. Gary the Gadget Guy needs you to board the migrator and travel to remote island. Once your arrive on Shipwreck Island, you need to set up an EPF radio antenna in the new beacon there.

To do this mission, first go to the EPF Headquarters and accept the mission. Then head to the beach and board the Migrator. You’ll need to stop at the first two islands to pick up the materials. When the Migrator arrives on Shipwreck Island, go to the top right corner to set up the beacon from the equipment. Your phone will vibrate and light up.

Click it to play the mini-game, which is the circuit board battery game (a very popular puzzle for Field Ops Missions). Once you complete it, you’ll be done with Field Ops 70. Congratulations, agent!


Can you believe that Club Penguin is 6 years old? There are probably people playing it now who weren’t even born when it first came out! As always, Club Penguin is celebrating with an anniversary party in the Coffee Shop. If you go in there, you’ll see festive decorations for both Halloween and the Sixth Anniversary Party.

The big part about each year’s party is the special anniversary hat. This year, the hat has a Halloween theme and features four different colors: black, orange, purple and green. To get the hat, first click on the small pumpkin dart up above the counter. This will cause it to swing and pop all of the balloons along the ceiling. The hat will drop down and land on the table next to the big anniversary cake, and you can then pick up the hat.

Club Penguin Sixth Anniversary Party - Get Hat, Part 1

Click on the pumpkin dart in the upper-right to make it swing and pop all the balloons in the Coffee Shop.

Club Penguin Sixth Anniversary Party - Get Hat, Part 2

The hat appears on the table next to the cake. Click it to add it to your inventory.


Thumbnail image for Great Snow Race Preview

Great Snow Race Preview

Happy77 uploaded a new sneak preview video on YouTube to show off the upcoming Great Snow Race event that will start next week, on August 25th. Take a look and post your thoughts in the comments section below. There’s also a special hidden EPF video. Here it is.

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Red Electric Guitar Pin

The latest collectible pin in Club Penguin is the red electric guitar. It is hidden in the Hidden Lake room, which you can easily get to from the Forest. Just go to the Forest on your map and waddle over to the large boulder in the bottom left. It will roll away, revealing a rope […]

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Club Penguin Food Fight Stamp

There’s a new Club Penguin stamp available as part of the new April Fool’s Party. It’s the Food Fight Stamp and it’s pretty easy to get. First, you need to travel to the Box Dimension. Then walk to the bottom left corner of the screen and enter the Candy Dimension (the box lid has a […]

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Thumbnail image for Club Penguin Field Ops 37 – Protobot Jamming

Club Penguin Field Ops 37 – Protobot Jamming

Protobot is trying to jam the entire communications network of the EPF and in this week’s Field Ops mission, your job is to try and stop him. As always, head to the HQ to accept the mission and get started. Next head to the Mine and walk behind the snow sculpture of Herbert the Polar […]

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Fire Extinguisher Pin

There’s a new pin hidden in Club Penguin again. This time, it’s the fire extinguisher pin and you’ll find it hidden up in the Dance Lounge. This is the room above the Night Club. You can enter via the stairs in the Night Club or just teleport using your EPF spy phone. The pin is […]

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Thumbnail image for Club Penguin Field Ops 21 – Computer Bug

Club Penguin Field Ops 21 – Computer Bug

Another Club Penguin Field Ops mission has arrived for EPF agents. This one requires agents to locate a computer that has become infected with an advanced computer bug and then fix it. Finding the computer that is infected is very easy. You don’t even have to leave the EPF Command Room! To get started, click […]

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Thumbnail image for Club Penguin Field Ops 19 – Enemy Signals

Club Penguin Field Ops 19 – Enemy Signals

The Club Penguin Field Ops missions continue with the nineteenth task in the series. This week, Gary needs EPF agents to search the island for more enemy signals. As always, your first stop should be the EPF Command Room to get the new assignment. Then go to the Beach and waddle down to the bottom […]

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Gary Predicts Storm

Long time Club Penguin players know that each Halloween party also brings another event–a big storm. Last year, the storm signaled the arrival of a new game, Card-Jitsu Fire. This year, we’re expecting the release of Card-Jitsu Water. If you read The Club Penguin Times, you’ll see there’s an article about the upcoming storm in […]

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