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Can you believe that Halloween is almost here again? It has arrived in style on Club Penguin for 2011 with lots of spooky and fun things to do.

Free Item: Ghost Costume

The free item this year is the Ghost Costume and you’ll find it inside the Haunted House. This year, the Haunted House is open to everyone, so non-members can get inside. To get there, go to the Forest and then follow the path leading to the Haunted House. Then walk inside. The ghost costume is at the top of the stairs on the left.

Club Penguin Ghost Costume Box

Haunted House and Secret Lab

The Haunted House isn’t the only special place that’s been opened up to non-members for this year’s party. The old favorite hangout of Gary the Gadget Guy during Halloween, the Secret Lab is now available to everyone as well. You access both from the outside of the Haunted House. Go inside the house to see the spooky interior. Go to the right and down into the cellar door to get inside the secret lab.

Club Penguin Secret Lab

Dark Chamber

From the Forest, you can also take the path that leads to the Dark Chamber, a special place for members only. This is the same room they had last year. There’s an entry area and then a door that leads deep into the chamber itself. To get through the door, you need to match the sequence of colored bubbles that come up from the rock spires by clicking on the corresponding keys on the organ at the bottom. The doors will open and you can then proceed to the inner chamber.

Club Penguin Dark Chamber

Once inside the inner chamber, you can pick up the free item for members, which is the lantern. You’ll want to equip the lantern so that you can navigate the spooky maze that leads through the chamber. At the end of the maze, you’ll arrive at the Monster Room. In here, you can another members-only free item: the Swamp Monster costume. Also, there’s a Monster Maker clothing catalog available while in this room. Just click on the icon in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Monster Maker Catalog Cheats

The Monster Maker Catalog has lots of mix-and-match monster costume pieces to try out. And there are also two hidden items in this catalog. Here’s how to get them.

  • To get the Mummy Costume, click on the letter M in the word Monster in the top left corner. The Mummy Costume costs 600 coins.
  • To get the Raven Wings, click on the letter K in the word Maker in the top left corner. The Raven Wings cost 300 coins.

Trick or Treating at the Snow Forts

A lot of areas are decorated for Halloween, but one of the most fun ones is the Snow Forts, which has been decorated to look like a small neighborhood of houses all ready for trick or treaters to visit. When you walk up to each door, you’ll hear a doorbell ring and you can even walk inside the houses if you like. Unfortunately, no one is giving out candy!

Club Penguin Snow Forts - Halloween

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

In another ongoing Club Penguin Halloween tradition, there’s a scavenger hunt. In past years, we had to find different pieces of candy. This year, we’re searching for candy ghosts. Here’s where you’ll find them, in order:

  1. The first ghost is at the Cove.
  2. The second ghost is outside the Haunted House.
  3. The third ghost is outside the Mine.
  4. The fourth ghost is in the Ski Village.
  5. Head up to the top of the Ski Hill to find the fifth ghost.
  6. Now go to the forest to find the sixth ghost.
  7. You’ll find the seventh ghost at the Beach.
  8. The eighth and final ghost is in the pumpkin patch at the Docks.

After you find all eight ghosts, you’ll get a special Candy Ghost background for your player card.


The newest pin is hidden at the Beach, near the rocks on the lower left side of the screen. The pin is a section of an old iron-wrought fence that looks like it came from a haunted house and it’s here to celebrate the upcoming Halloween Party on Club Penguin.


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