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Herbert has returned to Club Penguin! There’s a new level of System Defender where you try to stop wave after wave of robots that Herbert has sent to attack the system. It’s all a part of his continuing effort to warm up the island. You’ll need to be a paid member to play this new level.

Herbert in System Defender

Herbert taunts you in System Defender.

To play this level of System Defender, go to to the EPF HQ and click on the System Defender machine. There will be a message about the system being under attack, so click on the Defend System button to play. After you’ve beaten the level, you can play it again by choosing it from the menu in the Advanced section.

The Herbert Level plays like the regular System Defender game, but it has some tough boss monsters at the end, including the tricky Centipede of Doom. In order to defeat this last boss, you’ll need to have plenty of yellow cannons. It will help to have some of them upgraded as well.

Club Penguin Herbert Attack Stamp

When you beat the last boss, you’ll earn a special Herbert Attack stamp for protecting the EPF mainframe from Herbert P. Bear.

Check out this video to see how it is done.


Club Penguin posted a notice in their community section about upcoming games and events. It sounds like the theme for the month will be games, with a lot of new things coming up.

  • The Club Penguin Fair starts tomorrow, and just like in past years, it will feature plenty of new games. These special mini-games will let you earn tickets that you can trade in for prizes at the fair.
  • On September 14, green puffles will get a starring role in one of the regular mini-games. If you have one, it will play the mini-game with you just like how the red puffle helps in Catchin’ Waves and the Pink Puffle helps in Aqua Grabber.
  • On September 24, there will be some special team events at the Stadium
  • It all sounds like fun. Any guesses on what game the green puffle will appear in? Post in the comments if you have any ideas.


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Club Penguin Puffle Rescue

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Underground Exploration and New Game

The Club Penguin blog has been updated with a new post talking about the progress with the digging in the underground area inside the mine. And as everyone knows, many of the puffles in the game have been disappearing into the cavern area, including Yarr, Rockhopper’s puffle and first mate. If you visit the Night […]

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Club Penguin 101 Days of Fun: Day 12

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Secrets of Catchin’ Waves in Club Penguin

Catchin’ Waves is one of the better mini-games in Club Penguin. It has lots of different modes and tons of very cool cheats and secrets that make the game a lot more fun and get you more coins. Want to know all the cheats and secrets? Read on!

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Club Penguin Grab and Spin Secret Cheat

The best cheat and secret for the Fall Fair on Club Penguin is definitely the Grab and Spin cheat. This is how to do it! Go to the Grab and Spin game. It is located at the dock. Spin the wheel once. Press the TAB key to get a yellow box and then keep pressing […]

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