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Well, here we are again. It’s Fall and the annual Club Penguin Fair has returned. The 2011 edition of the Club Penguin Fair is filled with a lot of the same events and fun that we’ve seen before, along with some new fun surprises.

The main activity for the Fair is to play different mini-games and earn tickets. These tickets can then be redeemed for prizes at a few different prize booths on the island. There are a few special activities as well, and many areas on the island are decorated for the Fair. Members have a few more options for prizes and activities than non-members.

Here’s a list of all the different mini-games you can play at the Fair to win prize tickets.

  • Memory Card Game (Forest)
  • Puffle Paddle (Forest)
  • Feed A Puffle (Dock)
  • Spin to Win (Dock)
  • Ring the Bell (Dock)
  • Puffle Shuffle (Dock)
  • Puffle Soaker (Snow Forts/Bonus Game Room)
  • Balloon Pop (Snow Forts/Bonus Game Room)

You earn prize tickets depending on how well you play the games. My favorite game for earning lots of tickets quickly is Puffle Paddle, but the truth is you can earn lots of tickets from playing any of these games. Just remember that if you log out of the game, you lose any tickets you have stored up, so redeem them at the prize booths before you quit the game!

The main prize booth is in the Forest and everyone can buy the prizes here. There’s a second prize booth for members only, located next to the entrance to the Great Puffle Circus.

There are some special Prize Booth cheats at the members-only booth. Click on the third banner from the left (it’s a red one) to get the Turtle item, which costs 200 tickets. Click on the third banner from the right (it’s a white one) to get the Cherry Balloon for 75 tickets.


Happy77 from Club Penguin posted a special sneak peek video on YouTube for the upcoming Fair. It shows several scenes from the upcoming fair, including some old favorites and new attractions. The Fair, which is one of the most popular annual events in the game, will run from September 22 through October 4. Some of the Fair games you can see in the video include Puffle Shuffle, Puffle Paddle, the Great Puffle Circus, and the Memory Card game. It looks like this year, there will even be a pizza eating contest. Mmmm!

Club Penguin Fair Video Secret

Click on the stadium when the video first begins to see a second secret video of bumper cars.

There’s a special cheat hidden in the video, too. When it first begins, there’s an opening shot of the Map. Click on the stadium (you might want to pause the video first), and you’ll get to view a special secret video that the Club Penguin team hid inside this one. It’s a bumper cars video and it appears we’re going to see a new event at the Fair this year where you get to drive around in bumper cars! How cool is that?

Of course, if you’re lazy, here’s the secret video right here. Enjoy! The Fair begins in just a few short days. See you there.


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Final Day of the Fair

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Fair Ticket Pin

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Fall Fair Preparations and Rockhopper

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