club penguin earth day

It’s Friday, April 22 and that means it’s Earth Day. Club Penguin is celebrating with a party on the island that features lots of decorations, a few free giveaways, and a special party appearance by Captain Rockhopper.

Free Item: Outback Exploring Hat

Of course the first question on everyone’s mind each time a party arrives in Club Penguin is, “Where’s the free item?” This time, the item is an Outback Exploring Hat and you’ll find it in a barrel in the lower-right corner of the screen over at the Plaza.

Club Penguin Earth Day 2011 Free Hat

The free hat at the plaza for Earth Day 2011.

Endangered Species Costumes

As a special event for the Earth Day party this year, Club Penguin is also releasing two endangered species costumes to recognize several species of animals on the planet that need attention and help to survive. The two costumes you can get are the Snow Leopard and the African Painted Dog. The Snow Leopard costume is available at the Snow Forts and the African Painted Dog is available at the Dock.

African Painted Dog Costume

The African Painted Dog Costume for Earth Day 2011 in Club Penguin.


Many of the areas in Club Penguin have been redecorated for the party. There’s a green theme going on with many of the buildings, and some places like the Forest, have been completely redecorated. Take a long waddle around the island and enjoy the fresh Spring air for Earth Day!


And don’t forget that Rockhopper is here for the party. His ship is docked over at the Beach, just like always. He can be spotted wandering the island on different servers. This time, he has a new player background card to give out along with all the new items from the Rockhopper Rare Items collection in the ship hold. See if you can spot him faster using the Rockhopper Tracker.


The Club Penguin Earth Day party is in full swing on all the servers and many penguins are already enjoying the festivities. I already posted about the key event at the party: the Club Penguin Recycle Hunt, but here’s a quick recap of all the things you definitely will want to see at the Earth Day Party before it ends on April 25, 2010. Besides the green colors of the buildings in Town and at the Plaza to celebrate Earth Day, the action is really all in one place: the Mine.

Free Item: Straw Gardening Hat

All great Club Penguin parties include a free item and the Earth Day party is no exception. The center of the whole party is at the Mine, and that’s where you’ll find the Straw Gardening Hat. Walk over to the wheelbarrow parked next to the mine with the big, “free” sign and the hat will be yours. If you put on the Straw Gardening Hat (and nothing else) and then press the “D” key to dance, you’ll pull out a watering can and start watering the ground.

Free Straw Gardening Hat

The free straw gardening hat is at the Mine.

The Garden at the Mine

While you’re at the mine, check out the garden that has been planted there. If the area is empty, it might just look like a lot of dirt. Don’t worry, all it needs is some water! Throw some snowballs by clicking on the snowball icon in your toolbar or by pressing the T key. Aim for the large green bucket on the left side of the mine shack and water will start flowing through the sluice and it will start irrigating the garden. Soon, plants will grow, including the tasty-looking pizza plant. Once the plants grow, the garden shed will fill up with food!

Club Penguin Mine Garden

Watering the plants at the Mine Garden.

The Recycling Center

There’s a new building just outside the Mine Shack over on the left. It’s the Recycling Center and in order to get inside, you’ll need to complete the Club Penguin Recycle Hunt. The key attraction inside the building is the Recycletron 3000, a new machine built by Gary the Gadget Guy. If you throw snowballs in this room, they turn into the recyclable objects you found during the hunt. You can throw them anywhere and litter up the room, but the real goal is to toss them into the giant bin on the left. Then flip the yellow lever on the control panel in the middle of the room and the machine will turn the old junk into recycled objects.

Throw Snowballs in the Recycling Center

Toss snowballs into the bin to turn them into recycled goods.


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