club penguin dance contest

New Songs for Members Only

The Dance Contest Game in Club Penguin has some new songs for members only. It’s another improvement this weekend, but just like the toboggan in the sled racing game, it’s only for members.

To get the new songs, just play the game as normal by going to the sign up board in the Dance Club. Then click on the mode and choose your song. The new songs have the little Member badge in the middle of the record.

Dance Contest Game Signup in Club Penguin

Here are the names of the new songs that you can play in Dance Contest. Hey members, post a comment here and let everyone know of the new songs!

  • Patrick’s Jig
  • Go West
  • Let’s Bounce

Patrick's Jig in Club Penguin Dance Contest


Get Expert Mode in Solo Dance Contest

Members playing the new Dance Contest game in multiplayer mode have been able to play the game at the Expert Difficulty level but that level isn’t available in the solo mode of the game. Unless you know the newest of Club Penguin secrets, the cheat for unlocking expert mode in Dance Contest.

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