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There’s a big update to the Cart Surfer game in the mine this week on Club Penguin. First, Stamps are now available for the game. Second, you can now bring along your black puffle to earn extra coins while playing and also to earn some of the stamps.

Cart Surfer has always been one of my favorite games for earning coins because the games are so quick and it’s easy to earn lots of coins in just a minute or two. Of course it does get boring just doing the same tricks over and over for coins, so the new stamps make things more fun. And the addition of the coin bonus from the black puffle makes Cart Surfer even better for earning coins.

Black Puffle

Your surly black puffle is right at home riding the cart with you. He’ll do tricks alongside and he’s required company for some of the new stamps. But the best part about bringing your black puffle along is that you get a double coin bonus. This makes playing Cart Surfer a very easy way to earn lots of coins in very little time.


Club Penguin Cart Surfer Stamps

There are 12 stamps to earn with Cart Surfer in Club Penguin.

There are 12 new stamps that you can earn playing Cart Surfer. A lot of them are very easy if you’re already familiar with the game. You can read all about the stamps on the Club Penguin Stamps page and get some additional tips on the Cart Surfer page. Two of the hardest ones to get are the Flip Mania stamp and the Cart Master stamp. Flip Mania requires 20 flips in one run without crashing. It’s harder than it sounds at first and requires some really good timing. Cart Master requires 3500 points on a run and you’ll need to know a few Cart Surfer cheats and tricks to get it. Check out these two videos for some tips and tricks.

Cart Surfer Flip Mania Stamp

Cart Surfer Cart Master Stamp


One of the least-known Club Penguin secrets is that Cart Surfer is one of the best mini-games for making coins quickly. Even though there are a few games that get coins fast, Cart Surfer is the best. The games go by really fast and you get a lot of coins. It is also very easy to play the game once you learn the basic moves and secrets to the combos.

Keep reading to learn what those secret moves are.

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