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Along with the release of the new game, Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Water, new stamps have appeared for all three of the Card-Jitsu games. You can now earn stamps for Card-Jitsu, Card-Jitsu Fire and Card-Jitsu Water. There are many new stamps to earn as a result.

If you’ve already earned your black belt and fire suit from regular Card-Jitsu and Card-Jitsu Fire, then the first time you complete a match in those games, you’ll earn a bunch of stamps at once, such as the white belt, fine student, and true ninja stamps. But there are some stamps that you’ll need to play a few games to win. All of them should be pretty easy to get.

Here are all the stamps you can win for the three Card-Jitsu games.


  • Grasshopper – Begin your journey. Earn your white belt.
  • Elemental Win – Win a match with three different elements.
  • Fine Student – Reach half way. Earn your blue belt.
  • Flawless Victory – Win without letting your opponent gain any cards.
  • One Element – Win a match with 3 cards of the same element.
  • True Ninja – Prove your ninja skills. Earn your black belt.
  • Ninja Master – Defeat Sensei and become a Ninja.
  • Match Master – Win 25 matches.
  • Sensei Card – See the Sensei power card.
  • Full Dojo – Score 9 cards before you win.

Isn’t it a little weird that you can earn a card called True Ninja before you actually become a ninja by defeating Sensei?

Card-Jitsu: Fire

  • Warm Up – Win 10 Fire matches.
  • Score Fire – Win 1 energy point in a match.
  • Fire Midway – Earn the coat. Finish 50% of your Fire Ninja journey.
  • Strong Defence – Win a match without losing any energy.
  • Fire Suit – Complete your Fire Suit.
  • Fire Ninja – Defeat Sensei and become a Fire Ninja.
  • Max Energy – Win 3 energy points in a match.
  • Fire Expert – Win 50 matches.

Card-Jitsu: Water

  • Gong! – Win a match and sound the gong.
  • Watery Fall – Take the plunge! Fall off the waterfall.
  • Water Expert – Win 100 matches.
  • Water Midway – Earn the coat. Finish 50% of your Water Ninja journey.
  • Water Suit – Complete your Water Suit.
  • Water Ninja – Defeat Sensei and become a Water Ninja.
  • Two Close – Drift to the edge twice and still win the match.
  • Skipping Stones – Clear 28 stones of any element in a match.
  • Those last two stamps look like they’ll be very hard to win. Most Card-Jitsu Water matches don’t last long enough for someone to drift to the edge twice or clear that many stones. Good luck!


Card-Jitsu Water has arrived in Club Penguin. You can play it now in the new Water Dojo, which is accessible to ninjas from the secret ninja hideout. This game is a lot different than previous versions of Card-Jitsu and is much faster paced. It’s just as important to be fast as it is to be strategic with your cards and it’s the toughest Card-Jitsu challenge so far. Head over to the Water Dojo to get started on earning your new special Card-Jitsu Water Items. You can read some more Card-Jitsu Water cheats and strategies here.


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