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The annual Club Penguin April Fool’s Party has arrived on the island and the zaniness and wacky festivities are here for everyone to enjoy. As always, there’s fun to be had for everyone and things around the island are silly and wacky. There are some free items for non-members as well as some exclusives and secrets for paid members only. And it features the mysterious Box Dimension, a series of wacky and strange new areas to explore in Club Penguin. Let’s dive right in to the Club Penguin April Fool’s Party 2012 Cheats!

Free Item in Town

Club Penguin Floating with Propellor Cap

Wear the blue propellor cap and use the dance move to float in the air.

Your first stop should be town, where you can get the Blue Propellor Cap. This is a repeat item from a while ago, and a colored propellor cap has become a tradition for the April Fool’s party. Remember that if you wear the cap (and only the cap) and then do the Dance move, your penguin will float up into the air.

Club Penguin Blue Propellor Cap in Town

Box Dimension at the Snow Forts

Box Dimension Entrance at Snow Forts

The entrance to the Box Dimension at the Snow Forts.

The real action begins over at the Snow Forts, which is kind of the main base for the Club Penguin April Fool’s 2012 Party. There’s a giant cardboard box portal here that leads into the Box Dimension. You can only enter it when the large box in the middle is open and you can open it by standing on the bottle of cream soda in the pool below. Another way of getting into the Box Dimension is to use your own box in your igloo (if you’re lucky enough to have one from prior years).

Once you’re in the Box Dimension, there are many different rooms to visit. Each one has a different symbol and the portals lead to areas that match each symbol. Both non-members and members can enter any of the rooms except the one in the middle, which leads to a members-only area, known as the Fun House Dimension.

There are a few different free items to get in the Dimension rooms. Here’s what they are:

Box Shoes

You can get these in the Zany Dimension. Look towards the bottom of the room.

Box Costume

This main part of the complete box costume (which includes the hat and shoes) is also available in the Zany Dimension room up at the top.

Box Hat

You’ll find this in the Cream Soda Dimension in the upper-right corner. To get there, you need to go through a maze. Here’s a simple little cheat: just keep going back into the doorway that you arrived from. Eventually, you’ll end up in the upper-right corner and can get the Box Hat.

Other Club Penguin April Fool’s Party 2012 Cheats

Besides the free items, there’s a lot more to see and do at the party. Be sure to check out all the different dimensions. Most have fun things to see and two of them have special April Fool’s catalogs where members can purchase costumes. In one of them, the Drawing Dimension, you’ll even walk around as a sketch on a sketch pad!

Club Penguin Drawing Dimension

In the Drawing Dimension, you're a little penguin sketch on a pad.

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April Fool’s has arrived early in Club Penguin and the entire island is topsy-turvy with all kinds of weird things going on. The highlight for members is the April Fool’s Scavenger Hunt (officially called the Silly Scavenger Hunt. This is a members-only scavenger hunt. If you’re a Club Penguin member, then when you log in, you’ll see an icon of a cardboard box in the upper-right corner of your screen. Click on it to get your first clue for the scavenger hunt. Here’s how to find all the pieces. The prize is a box costume.

  1. The first piece is in the Box Dimension. The easiest way to get there is to go to the Snow Forts on your map and walk through the large box portal. Then click on the box on the ground in the middle of the Box Dimension area.
  2. The second piece is in the Desert Room, which is a separate area inside the Box Dimension. Go through the portal with a cactus on it to get there. Then pick up the box, which appears in the background and looks like an orange monument.
  3. The third piece is in the Doodle Dimension. Click on the pencil at the bottom and it will draw a box on the yellow post-it. Then click on it to pick it up.
  4. Head over to the Space Dimension to get the fourth piece. Connect the stars in the middle of the night sky to form the picture of a giant stapler, then pick it up.
  5. No go to the Silly Place to get the fifth piece. It’s on the spring chair on the right-hand side of the room.
  6. The sixth piece is in the upside-down Stair Dimension.
  7. The seventh piece is in the Cream Soda Dimension. This one is a little tricky, because you need to navigate the maze to get to the cage in the upper-right corner. Once you arrive, walk over the brown box on the ground to open the cage and then click on the tape.
  8. The eighth and final piece is in the Candy Room. Click on the spoon handle in the upper-left and it will scoop out some ice cream. The last box will appear on the scoop and you can click on it to pick it up.

Once you have all the pieces, you can claim your prize: your very own box costume!

Club Penguin Box Costume

The Box Costume

Club Penguin Box Costume - Dance Mode

Press the D key for dance mode to close the box.


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