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When you go to play Club Penguin, you will see that they have made some small changes to the animated home page. There’s a dark cloud that appears in the sky, which represents the large storm the island had around the launch of Card-Jitsu Water. But there’s also a nice little surprise on the page: a water ninja! To see him, look for the small blue water balloon on the ground at the bottom of the lighthouse. When you click on it, the water ninja will quickly appear from behind the lighthouse and snatch the balloon!


Card-Jitsu Water has arrived in Club Penguin. You can play it now in the new Water Dojo, which is accessible to ninjas from the secret ninja hideout. This game is a lot different than previous versions of Card-Jitsu and is much faster paced. It’s just as important to be fast as it is to be strategic with your cards and it’s the toughest Card-Jitsu challenge so far. Head over to the Water Dojo to get started on earning your new special Card-Jitsu Water Items. You can read some more Card-Jitsu Water cheats and strategies here.


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Club Penguin Water Pin

Another new collectible pin has arrived. It’s the water pin and you’ll find it at the Ice Berg. It’s in the water on the left side. Of course, it’s here to celebrate the upcoming release of Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Water.

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Club Penguin Cheats for Card-Jitsu Water

Club Penguin Card-Jitsy Water has arrived! This is the newest installment in Card-Jitsu and you can access it in the Water Dojo, a special new room accessible from inside the secret ninja hideout. Card-Jitsu Water is a completely new game that relies much more on timing and speed than regular Card-Jitsu or Card-Jitsu Fire. Are […]

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Gary Predicts Storm

Long time Club Penguin players know that each Halloween party also brings another event–a big storm. Last year, the storm signaled the arrival of a new game, Card-Jitsu Fire. This year, we’re expecting the release of Card-Jitsu Water. If you read The Club Penguin Times, you’ll see there’s an article about the upcoming storm in […]

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