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The Card-Jitsu Fire cards are now available in stores this week. It’s a new trading card game that matches up with the new online Card Jitsu Fire game on Club Penguin. The cards are a lot like the original ones but with all new designs and stuff. Plus, there are new Card-Jitsu card codes in each deck that you can use to unlock special cards in the online game. If you’ve been playing a lot of Card-Jitsu Fire this week, then you’ve probably seen some players using these special cards. Getting the right special cards, especially if they are high-number cards, will give you a definite edge when playing Card Jitsu Fire.

Here’s a link to some of the cards on Note that you don’t need to just buy the Card Jitsu Fire cards to unlock special cards because all the old special power cards from the original Card-Jitsu decks work in Card-Jitsu Fire too.


A lot of people are having trouble playing the new Card-Jitsu Fire game. It’s a very popular game right now, much like the original Card-Jitsu was. If you try to play right now, you might see one of two problems, either a game is full message or an expired countdown. There’s not much you can do except to keep trying to get into the game. It seems that you can get this connection problem no matter what server you’re on.

Quick Tip for Game is Full Error

When you dismiss the game is full orange error box, a map appears. Don’t click on it or you’ll be sent outside of the Fire Dojo and then you have to go all the way back inside by first going in the Secret Ninja hideout. Instead, click both the X on the map and the X on the Card-Jitsu Fire game screen (see the screenshot below) and you’ll be back in the Fire Dojo. Now all you need to do is walk up to Sensei and try to play again.



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Card Jitsu Fire Released

Club Penguin surprised everyone by releasing Card-Jitsu Fire a day early. If you’re a member penguin and a ninja, you can head over to the Fire Dojo right now to play Card Jistu Fire! I will be updating my main Card Jitsu Fire page with all the card jitsu fire cheats, strategies, tips and secrets, […]

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Card Jitsu Fire Updates

Only a few days until Card-Jitsu Fire becomes available and there are some updates posted on the Club Penguin blog. There’s a sneak peek preview of what the game will look like. In this picture, it looks like one of the players is using a card that has Gary the Gadget guy build a huge […]

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Card-Jitsu Fire Coming on November 24

There’s a brief announcement in the official Club Penguin blog that the Card-Jitsu Fire came will launch on November 24. Billybob made the post and gave a few more details about the game, but a lot of it is still secret. Here’s some of the important things to know about Card-Jitsu Fire. You’ll need to […]

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Card-Jitsu Fire

Update: The Card-Jitsu Fire game has been released! I’ll be posting a full Card Jitsu Fire cheats and strategy guide here very soon. Enjoy the game, ninjas! With all the activity going on at the Dojo, this should really come as no surprise, but Club Penguin has officially announced an upcoming expansion to the Card-Jitsu […]

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