beacon power

Another week, another Club Penguin EPF Field-ops mission. Check your EPF spy phone to get started. In this mission, you need to work on fixing the lighthouse beacon’s broken power system. The first step is to use your EPF spy phone to travel to the Beacon (top of the lighthouse). Or you can use the map to go to the beach, then go into the lighthouse and finally click on the sign to the top to get up to the beacon.

Club Penguin Beacon

Waddle into the corner to start the puzzle in this Field Ops mission.

Next, walk to the back corner of the beacon near where the power switch is. When you’re in the correct spot, your spy phone will turn green and start vibrating. Click on it to start the next part of the mission.

This week, we have a repeat of the earlier game where you navigate through the maze to charge up the different areas with your remote-controlled battery. This is the same puzzle that we had in Field Ops 2 and 4 and you can read the detailed instructions here.