Captain Rockhopper is a famous and friendly red pirate penguin that regularly sails to Club Penguin on his ship, called the Migrator. He usually arrives on the island every other month and often his appearance coincides with a major event or party. He comes along with his red puffle, Yarr. He always docks the Migrator at the Beach. He always brings rare items brought over from Rockhopper Island. Usually one of the items is a free item that non-members can purchase, but most of the items he brings are for members only.

One of the most fun things to do when Rockhopper arrives on the island is to try and find him. During his visit, he will often appear on one server at a time and move from room to room. Players who find him can receive an autographed picture that they can use as their own player card background. When Rockhopper is online he appears just like a large red penguin except that he wears a pirate hat, and a long black beard which help him stand out.

Tips for Finding Rockhopper

  • Look for him during busy times (evenings and weekends) when he’s most likely to appear.
  • Try to team up with friends to spot him. Spread out across popular servers.
  • Use a Rockhopper Tracker to try and find out which server he is on and then go from room to room on that server.
  • Be patient. Sometimes a good strategy is to pick a popular server and just wait for him to come to you.

How to Tell Rockhopper is Coming

You can tell when Rockhopper is coming by looking for his ship on the horizon from the telescope next to the beacon at the top of the lighthouse. Rockhopper’s ship will start to appear about a week before he arrives on the island. In a famous incident in February, 2008, Rockhopper’s ship struck an iceberg and sank. Rockhopper and Yarr arrived on the island in a rowboat and Gary the Gadget Guy led all of Club Penguin in an effort to rebuild the Migrator. This event led to the release of a new game on Club Penguin called Aqua Grabber.


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annie June 8, 2014 at 7:12 pm

wen can i meet u !!!!!!!! (rockhopper)

annie June 8, 2014 at 7:13 pm

i just got my membership so plz com i new!!!!!!

swerve September 23, 2014 at 8:33 pm

when will you come again in 2014?????

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