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Club Pinguin (the correct spelling is Club Penguin) is a very popular game made by Disney and is part of the Online Games group. It was originally made by a company called New Horizon Interactive in Canada but was purchased by Disney in 2007 after it quickly became popular.

In Club Penguin you are a penguin on a virtual island. You can play games, chat, and go on special missions while hanging out with other penguins in the game. A big attraction in the game are all the events and parties that take place throughout the year. Some parties, like the annual Halloween Party or the Christmas Party are huge and are highly anticipated by all the players for weeks before the party even begins.

In Club Penguin, you earn coins by playing different mini-games around the island. These mini-games are usually easy to play, but some games are a lot better than others at earning coins. Once you’ve earned a bunch of coins in the game, you can buy clothing and furniture for your penguin at one of the different shops on the island. However, you must be a paying member of Club Penguin before you can redeem your coins for stuff. Sometimes during the events and parties, Club Pinguin releases special free items that non-members can collect and use.

Of course there are lots of Club Penguin cheats and secrets hidden throughout the game. Here on this blog about Club Penguin, we cover all the cheats and secrets as they are discovered and give tips and hints on how to find hidden stuff or earn coins faster in the game.

After Disney purchased Club Penguin, lots of toys and merchandise began appearing in stores. You can purchase Club Penguin toys and merchandise online as well at places like or Most of the toys also come with special unlock codes that can be redeemed for special items and things in the game.

There is also a Nintendo DS version of the Club Penguin game that you can buy and play. It is called Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force and you can purchase it in stores or online. Owning the DS game also gives you special access to a secret room in the online game.

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