Club Penguin SWFs

Club Penguin, like many browser-based games, is built in Adobe Flash, a technology that let’s you play games online without having to download anything. Flash files (also called movies) have the extension .SWF (pronounced “Swiff”) and can be viewed independently with the Flash player or in a browser window. A neat thing about Club Penguin is that all the different parts of the game, like the catalogs, scenery, and mini-games, are all delivered to your browser as separate .SWF files. So if you know the location (URL) of a particular item, you can access it directly. There’s no real benefit to this, and some of the SWF files won’t work exactly as they do in the main game, but it’s fun to poke around.

Here on this page, you’ll find most of the Club Penguin SWF files. Here for your browsing enjoyment are the Club Penguin SWFs:

Club Penguin Catalog SWFs

Club Penguin Room SWFs

Club Penguin Party SWFs

These files are the backgrounds and scenes for special rooms in the Club Penguin parties and events.

Club Penguin Book SWFs

These are all the different books available in the game, mostly found in the book room on the second floor of the coffee shop.

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