Club Penguin Ninjas

Ninjas in Club Penguin

Ninjas have long been rumored in Club Penguin but until recently no one has ever really seen them. Now, you can train to become one by playing the Card-Jitsu game in the Club Penguin Dojo. If you progress all the way to black belt in the game and defeat the sensei, you can access to a special store for ninjas in Club Penguin where you can buy ninja items like the ninja suit and a ninja dojo from the Club Penguin Ninja Catalog.

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Special Ninja Secrets and Tricks

If you are wearing the full ninja outfit and then use the dance action, you will become invisible. If you are only holding the hand gong and use the dance action, you will make a gong noise.

In the past few weeks, Ninjas and other strange ninja-related things started appearing all over Club Penguin. In this Club Penguin Ninjas guide, I will uncover some of the Club Penguin Ninja secrets and show you how you can spot ninjas all over Club Penguin.

Ninja Sightings

Here is a list of all the known Club Penguin Ninja sightings, along with instructions on how to spot them. If you know of any new sightings that aren’t shown here, please post in the comments and I will give you full credit.

Ninja Shadow at the Nightclub (outside)

Go to the town on your map and then click on the big N in the nightclub sign. A ninja shadow will appear and do a quick jump move and then disappear behind the sign again.

Ninja Poster in the Dojo

You can see a secret ninja poster inside the Dojo. Go to the dojo on your map and then click on all five light bulbs in order from left to right. Then click on the sign that says, Wear a Hard Hat. A ninja poster will appear in place of the sign.

Click on the five light bulbs in order then click on the sign

Click on the five light bulbs in order then click on the sign

A secret ninja poster!

A secret ninja poster!

Ninja Shadow Inside the Lighthouse

Sometimes when you enter the lighthouse, a ninja shadow will appear on top of the netting next to the ship’s wheel. This doesn’t happen every time so you might need to leave and re-enter a few times to see it.

Ninja in the Ski Lodge Mirror

There is part of a penguin shadow in the mirror in the ski lodge. Every fifteen minutes (for example, at 9:00, 9:15, 9:30 and 9:45) you will briefly see the shadow lean over a little bit. It happens really quick so pay very close attention.

Secret Ninja Message in Newspaper

Issue #160 of the Club Penguin Times has one of the best secrets about ninjas: a hidden message. Go to page A2 and click on the N-I-N-J-A letters in the headline about the lightning strike. Click on each letter in order! When you do, you will see a secret ninja message appear. It’s a haiku that reads:

fire, water, snow
the triangle of power
your journey's first step

Ninjas in the Dojo During the Lightning Storm

This happened during the lightning storm on Club Penguin during the Halloween party in 2008 but stopped when the Dojo was damaged by a lightning strike, so you can’t see it anymore. During the really big lightning strikes, you could see a ninja appear in one of the windows in the Dojo.

Ninja Shadows in the Dojo During Construction

The ninja shadows in the Dojo windows re-appeared after the lightning storm but now there’s a special secret trick you need to do to see them. You must be playing Club Penguin in Big Screen mode. Go to the Dojo and move your mouse cursor a little to the left in the white area next to the game screen. It will turn into a hand cursor when you find the right spot. Then click and a ninja shadow will appear in one of the windows. If you click a few times you will see the ninja shadows appear in three different windows.

Ninja Shadow at the Plaza

Every five minutes, you will see a ninja shadow jump onto the top of the Pet Shop in the plaza. It arrives from the top and then lands right behind the big blue puffle sign before jumping away to the left. It moves very quickly so keep an eye out for it.

On the Video Monitors in PSA Headquarters

Every five minutes you can see several ninja shadows appear on the top row of video monitors in the PSA HQ. It happens really quick, but on the top row, five ninja shadows appear in the monitors quickly moving towards the camera. They then disappear and are replaced by signs that say, WE DON’T EVEN EXIST.

In the November, 2008 Clothing Catalog

Go to the page with the yellow penguin holding a snow shovel and look at his shadow. It is a ninja shadow wearing a ninja headband!

More Ninja Sightings: Pictures Coming Soon

OK, I already know about the Ninja sightings in these places and will update this page soon with some pictures. If you know of more, please post them in the comments (with instructions) and you will get full credit!

  • The Gift Shop
  • The Ski Hill

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