Club Penguin Ice Fishing Cheats

Club Penguin Ice Fishing Cheats

Ice Fishing is a fun and relaxing game that allows you to quickly earn coins in Club Penguin. It’s a simple game where you need to catch fish that are swimming under the ice while avoiding dangerous obstacles that can catch your fishing line.

Tp play Ice Fishing, go to the Ski Lodge in the Ski Village and walk through the door in the back labeled, Go Fishing. This will start the mini-game.

The basic idea is to raise and lower your baited hook to catch fish while avoiding dangerous obstacles that swim back and forth. For each yellow fish you catch, you’ll earn 4 coins. If you catch the red Mullet fish, you’ll get 100 coins. Catching a can of worms gives you an extra life. Once you hook a fish, raise it up to the surface and then click your mouse to put it in your bucket.

The obstacles that swim by are dangerous, so don’t let them hit your hook. They include the shark, the jellyfish, the boot, the barrel and the red crab. The jellyfish and the crab are particularly dangerous, since they’ll cost you a life if they hit any part of your line.

Special Ice Fishing Cheat

Near the end of the game, you’ll see a shadow of a fish appear in the background. This is the mullet, which is worth 100 coins. Once it appears, catch a regular yellow fish but leave it on your hook. Don’t pull it up and place it in the bucket. You’ll be using this smaller fish as bait for the bigger fish. Once the large mullet arrives, catch it and you will pull it up and receive the 100 coin bonus.

Club Penguin Ice Fishing Stamps

There are ten different stamps that you can win while playing Ice Fishing. Here they are:

  • Sneak Attack – Feed a fish to a shark.
  • Shock King – Get 3 shocks from jellyfish and finish the game.
  • Fishtastic – Catch 15 fish without any mistakes.
  • Worm Win – Finish the game without losing a worm.
  • Crab Cuts – Have 3 crabs cut your line and finish the game.
  • Afishiando – Catch 45 fish without any mistakes.
  • Gray Goodies – Catch 15 gray fish (members only).
  • Prize Mullet – Capture Mullet
  • Fly Fisher – Catch 63 fish in under 5 minutes.
  • Ace Angler – Hook 15 gray fish and Mullet with no worm lost.

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