Club Penguin Jet Pack Adventure Cheats

Club Penguin Jet Pack Adventure Cheats

Jet Pack Adventure is a mini-game in Club Penguin where you put on a jet pack and fly through the skies above the Club Penguin island in a mission to collect coins before you run out of fuel. There are many obstacles in your path and you’ll need to re-fuel along the way by collecting floating fuel cans.

The game begins at the Beacon, on top of the Lighthouse at the Beach. As the game progresses, you’ll pass over many familiar locations including the Beacon, the Beach, Town, the Plaza, Snow Forts, Iceberg, Ski Mountain, the Cave, the Mine and the Wilderness. A successful game finishes up at the Mine.

To move, use the cursor keys. Try to pick up the coins, the fuel tanks and the special 1-up packs, which give you bonus lives. Stay away from the obstacles that are attached to balloons and end each stage by landing on the pad at the end of the level.

Club Penguin Jet Pack Adventure Cheats and Secrets

The game was changed so that only paid members can complete all the levels. Non-members can only play the first level.

If you make it through the entire game without collecting any coins, you’ll get a 1,000 coin bonus at the very end. In order to pull this difficult cheat off, you have to burn all your remaining fuel at the end of each stage and then land safely on the landing base. If you complete all five levels this way, you’ll win the bonus and earn the Ace Pilot Stamp.

You can now use the Green Puffle to get bonuses. The puffle will fly alongside you and help pick up coins and cans of fuel.

There are eighteen stamps that you can earn in Jet Pack Adventure. They are:

  • Lift Off stamp – take off and return to the launch pad.
  • Fuel Rank 1 stamp – collect all fuel cans in Level 1.
  • Puffle Pilot stamp – bring a green puffle into the game.
  • Jet Pack 5 – complete 5 levels.
  • Crash! – crash land your jet pack at the Forest.
  • Fuel Rank 2 – collect all fuel cans in Level 2.
  • Fuel Rank 3 – collect all fuel cans in Level 3.
  • Fuel Rank 4 – collect all fuel cans in level 4.
  • Fuel Rank 5 – collect all fuel cans in level 5.
  • 1-up Leader – collect 2 x 1-ups.
  • Puffle Bonus – your green puffle collects 200 coins.
  • Kerching! – collect 600 coins.
  • Fuel Command – collect all fuel cans in 1 game.
  • Fuel Wings – collect a fuel can while falling.
  • 1-up Captain – Find all 1-ups in one game.
  • Puffle Plus – Your green puffle collects 450 coins.
  • Ace Pilot – complete the game without collecting coins.
  • Puffle Boost – Your green puffle gets a gas can when you run out of fuel.

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Im on club penguin right now doing jet pack and i cant seem to not get coins i always get em can you help me????????????????

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