Club Penguin Aqua Grabber Cheats

Club Penguin Aqua Grabber Cheats

Aqua Grabber is a fun game in Club Penguin that offers a few different play modes. The game requires some good dexterity, skill and timing, but once you know the basics of the game, and the locations of all the treasures, you’ll be able to earn coins very quickly in this game. This guide will teach you all the basic Aqua Grabber cheats and secrets.

To get started with the game, head to the Iceberg and walk up to the Aqua Grabber sub in the upper-right corner.

Club Penguin Aqua Grabber Entrance

Play Aqua Grabber at the Iceberg

There are two different modes of the game available. The first is Clam Waters, which anyone can play. The second mode is called Soda Seas and only members may play in this mode. The same basic instructions apply for both modes.

Club Penguin Aqua Grabber Instructions

The basic instructions for playing Aqua Grabber

Clam Waters

The goal of Clam Waters is to take pearls from the clams as they sleep on the ocean floor. There are five regular clams and one giant clam in the game. You must collect the pearls from all five regular clams and then proceed to take the giant pearl from the giant clam at the end. Once you have that giant pearl, you must then carefully carry it back to your net near the ocean surface.

Basic Techniques

The basic techniques for getting the pearls from the clam are pretty simple. First, maneuver your sub into position above a sleeping clam. It will open its mouth wide as it snores. Once the mouth is completely open, press and hold your spacebar to lower your sub’s claw and pick up the pearl. Then release the spacebar to drag it back up. Just make sure you don’t disturb the sleeping clam by either hitting it or anything near it (like a wall) or it will wake up and then take a minute or two to go back to sleep.

Clam Locations

Here’s where you can find all five of the regular clams:

  1. The first clam is down and to the left of the starting point.
  2. The second clam is below the first one.
  3. The third clam is below the second one.
  4. The fourth clam is to he right of the third one. When you see some red coral, go up a bit to see it.
  5. The fifth clam is in the upper-right. To get there, go a little bit down and then go straight up after passing the red coral.

The last clam can be a little tricky because if you collide into the wall next to him, he’ll wake up. The best technique is to wait off to the right side until he falls asleep and then slide in and grab the pearl.

Getting the Giant Pearl

Getting the Giant Pearl from the giant clam is a bit tricky. First, you have to descend all the way to the bottom of the ocean floor to get to him. You’ll probably need to stop once or twice to get air along the way. When you get to the very bottom, steer clear of the yellow fish and then go to the right. You’ll see a large gray rock on the ground. Pick it up and then head left, again steering away from the yellow fish.

Soon you’ll arrive at the giant clam, who is sleeping. Carefully position yourself over the pearl and then drop the rock on top of it. Once it lands, you can safely pick up the pearl without waking up the giant clam. Grab the pearl and then start heading back. You’ll need to avoid all the fish and try not to hit any walls or you will drop the giant pearl. If you drop it, you need to go pick it up again. Watch your air supply and stop for bubbles along the way if you need to.

Club Penguin Aqua Grabber Giant Clam

The old rock/pearl switcheroo, first perfected by Jaques Cousteau.

When you get back to the surface, drop the giant pearl in your net to successfully complete the level!

Soda Seas

Your goal in Soda Seas is to retrieve all of the cream soda barrels on the ocean floor up into the net at the surface. Once you’ve completed this task, you can then retrieve the amethyst (a gem) and return it to the net as well. You’ll need to avoid hitting any obstacles along the way as you carry the soda barrels and the amythest back to your net.

Soda Barrel Locations

Here are the locations for all five soda barrels in the game.

  1. The first soda barrel is below and to the left of the net at the start of the game.
  2. The second soda barrel is down at the bottom. You’ll see it near the source of all the air bubbles.
  3. The third soda barrel is to the right of the second. Head right until you get to the yellow plant then go up between the two red starfish.
  4. The fourth soda barrel is back down near the yellow plants. This time, go through them to the right.
  5. The last soda barrel is in the bottom left corner, past the yellow plants on that side.

Once you have all five soda barrels put away in the net, it’s time to go after the big prize: the amethyst. To get it, you’ll need to go deep down into the trench where all the big air bubbles are coming from. Go down between the two large yellow plants at the bottom and navigate the tunnel. You’ll soon come to the puffer fish room. Avoid the puffer fish, which expand whenever you get near. Head to the right, go up and around the huge puffer fish, and then you’ll find the amethyst.

That was the easy part.

It’s much harder going back. You’ll need to avoid all the puffer fish on your return. A key technique in the puffer fish room is to use speed. You have a second or two from when you come close to when they expand, so move as quickly as possible and try to get up into the tunnel above without dropping the amethyst. This is tricky and may require practice. It’s ok to drop the amethyst inside the tunnel, as long as you’re safely past the puffer fish room. So remember–move fast!

Once you safely return the amethyst to your net, you’ll complete the level.

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