Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Snow Cheats

Card-Jitsu Snow will be the fourth installment of the Card-Jitsu game series once it was released. Most Club Penguin players expected that it would have been rolled out in November 2011 following the November releases of the original Card-Jitsu (2008), Card-Jitsu Fire (2009), and Card-Jitsu Water (2010), but the game did not arrive as expected at that time.

Adding to the rumors were some leaked images of a Card-Jitsu snow tin and a penguin in what could be an official Card-Jitsu snow outfit.

Card-Jitsu Snow Suit

Could this be the official Card-Jitsu snow suit?

Card-Jitsu Snow Cards

Once the game is officially announced, there will almost certainly be companion sets of Card-Jitsu Snow collectible cards to purchase. They will have unlock codes included in each pack to allow you to have special cards and moves in the online game.

Card-Jitsu Snow Tin Concept

Concept art for the Card-Jitsu Snow collectible card tin.

Card-Jitsu Videos

Although no official videos for Card-Jitsu have been released, that hasn’t stopped the Club Penguin YouTube community from imagining what could be. There are several videos on YouTube claiming to be “official” videos of the game, but they are all fakes. However, some of them are very creative, such as this spoof movie trailer by the CP Bad Boys.

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