Club Penguin Stage Catalog Cheats

Club Penguin Stage Catalog Cheats

There’s always a lot going on at the Stage, the big theatre in the middle of the Plaza in Club Penguin. The main attraction is the play running at the stage, which is updated about once every other month. The Stage is also the center of the annual Club Penguin Play Awards. And best of all, it’s where you can go to access the Costume Trunk which is the clothing and props catalog for each play. To access the catalog, either click on the small red trunk inside the stage (it’s in the bottom right corner) or click on the icon.

The catalog contains clothing items and props directly related to the play that’s currently showing on the stage. The catalog is much shorter than other Club Penguin catalogs such as Penguin Style or Better Igloos but it almost always has fun and interesting costumes that are available for a limited time. And it often has hidden items and other Club Penguin Stage catalog cheats and secrets inside its pages.

The play that is currently running at the stage is the Quest for the Golden Puffle. There is one Stage Catalog cheat for this play. To get it, open the catalog to the first page and click on the golden puffle on top of the monument. It will reveal the Crook and Flail, which can be purchased for 300 coins.

Stage Catalog Cheats  - Crook and Flail

The Crook and Flail is one of the Stage Catalog cheats in the Golden Puffle play on Club Penguin.

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