Club Penguin Furniture Catalog Cheats

When you get your first igloo in Club Penguin, it looks pretty empty. Fortunately, the pages of Better Igloos, the Club Penguin Igloo furniture catalog, has lots of items that you can decorate with. You need to be a member in Club Penguin to purchase them, but each month the catalog is updated with new items that follow a particular theme. To access the catalog, first go to your igloo by clicking on the Home icon in the toolbar. Then click on the tape measure icon in the bottom right to edit your igloo. Next, click on the blue icon for the Better Igloos catalog to browse through the many furniture items that you can buy. Along with the new items, each catalog has several hidden items to find. Here’s a look at the latest Club Penguin furniture catalog cheats.

Club Penguin Furniture Catalog Cheats for March 2012

Club Penguin Furniture Catalog - March 2012
The March 2012 edition of Better Igloos has a puffle theme to help celebrate the 2012 edition of the Club Penguin puffle party. Here’s a list of the hidden items you’ll find inside the pages of the catalog.

  • To get the Red Couch, click on the middle shelf of the Red Bookcase.
  • To get the Easel, click on the sun in the Sunset Painting.
  • To get the Potted Palm, click on pot for the Evergreen Plant.
  • To get the Cavern Chair, click in the middle of the Swinging Vines.
  • To get the Tropical Palm, click on the steering wheel of the Pirate Ship.
  • To get the steering wheel, click on the right pole of the Violet Velvet Rope.
  • To get the Mannequin, click on the right side of the Judge’s Table.
  • To get the Ancient Archway, click on the lock on the Treasure Chest.
  • To get the Bamboo Torch, click on the grill on the Barbeque.
  • To get the Candy Cane, click on the Gingerbread Man.
  • To get the Log Bench, click on the word Swirly on the Swirly Lollipop.
  • To get the Log Chair, click on the Gumdrop Tree.
  • To get the Icicle Lights, click on the Icing Decorations.
  • To get the Log Drawers, click on the Coins for Change sign on the Decoration Station.
  • To get the Presents, click on the word Stockings.
  • To get the Holiday Tree Decoration, click on the word Holiday in Holiday Star Decoration.
  • To get the Holiday Tree, click on the word chance in the banner.
  • To get the Wooden Reindeer, click on the snowman’s top hat.
  • To get the Leaning Tree, click on the fuzzy hat of the snowman in the middle.
  • To get the Lamp Post, click on the hat of the snowman on the right.

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