Club Penguin Clothing Catalog Cheats

The pages of Penguin Style are updated each month with the latest in fashion for Club Penguin. You can access the catalog from the Gift Shop, located in town. On the first Friday of each month, the catalog is refreshed with a combination of new items and old favorites from prior catalogs. Of course, the the big secret is that Penguin Style has some great Club Penguin catalog cheats and each and every catalog contains several hidden items.

Finding the Club Penguin Clothing Catalog Cheats

When you move your cursor over certain places in the catalog, it will become a clickable “hand” icon. Clicking on that spot reveals a special hidden item.

Anyone can locate the special hidden items in the catalog, but only members can purchase them.

Current Club Penguin Clothing Catalog Cheats

Here are the Penguin Style cheats and hidden items for the current issue.
Club Penguin Clothing Catalog Cheats - March 2012
The March 2012 Catalog has a Puffle theme to celebrate the arrival of the annual Puffle Party on Club Penguin. Here is a list of the hidden items you can find inside the catalog.

  • Click on the Red Penguin’s Hand to get the Red Pompoms.
  • Click on the Orange Penguin’s hand to get the Orange Pompoms.
  • Click on the pink puffle to get the Pink Pompoms.
  • Click on the green penguin’s tongue to get the Green Pompoms.
  • Click on the yellow penguin’s mouth to get the Blue Pompoms.
  • Click on the exclamation point in the purple banner to get the Yellow Pompoms.
  • Click on the penguin in the top left corner to get the Purple Pompoms.
  • Click on the white puffle to get the White Pompoms.
  • Click on the brown puffle to get the Brown Pompoms.
  • Click on the black penguin’s hand to get the Black Pompoms.
  • Click on the diva penguin to get the brown shoes.
  • And that, everyone, is a lot of pompoms! Enjoy this year’s Puffle Party!

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i know a free code that is for non members here it is… shrimp64, pumpkin1 ,freehood hope you like the codes

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Thank you for all these awesome codes! My penguin would be naked without you!! Although, if you must insist on a successful blog you must keep up with whats new now. I am commenting on this page as of November 2012. I’m not blaming or harping on you to update, but I count on you and other blogs for all of my items!

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hai cp ppl i was wondering if chu guys can put back dat catalog plzz i rlly want some stuff i didnt get it sucks plzz thx =D

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