Puffle Party 2014 Guide

Hey everyone, only two more days for the 2014 edition of the Puffle Party. One of the most popular parties in Club Penguin has returned and this is your chance to experience all of the fun and excitement until the party packs up for another year. The headlines this year are the availability of dog and cat puffles for members and the opportunity to teach your puffles special tricks. Here’s a quick guide to this year’s edition of the puffle party.

Visit the Puffle Party Booths

Club Penguin Puffle Party Booths

The first thing to do is to visit all of the Puffle Party Booths. There’s a guide to the event and you can access it by clicking in the upper-right corner. This will provide shortcuts to all the different booths located around the island. Each booth is themed around a particular puffle color. Everyone can get a prize at each booth and members get two prizes at each one.

You can also use the Transform function on this screen to turn yourself into one of your puffles!

Transform into a Puffle

Cat and Dog Puffles

Members can head to the pet shop to adopt two new puffles, the Blue Border Collie and the Orange Tabby cat.

Club Penguin Cat and Dog Puffles

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