Club Penguin Times - Issue 336

Club Penguin Times – Issue 336

The new issue of the Penguin Times is out and it features coverage of the Club Penguin April Fool’s Party 2012, which was also just released in the game. As usual, the April Fool’s edition of the Penguin Times is filled with funny and weird stuff and it gets started right on the front page.

For example, the front page contains the following “News Flash” items:

  • Rockhopper is a pirate!
  • Club Penguin is changing its name to Puffle-Puffle Happy Zombie Land!
  • Goldfish are neither gold nor fish!
  • Pizza tastes like pizza!

Ummm. OK. The main news covers the April Fool’s Party, which has appeared all over the island. Get ready for some craziness and zany happenings on Club Penguin this week while the April Fool’s Party 2012 is in full force!

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