Club Penguin Furniture Catalog Cheats for March 2012

Club Penguin March 2012 Furniture Catalog Cheats

The March 2012 edition of Better Igloos has arrived. It features a puffle theme to herald the arrival of the 2012 edition of the Club Penguin puffle party. Want to know the cheats and secrets for the new furniture catalog? Take a peek!

  • To get the Red Couch, click on the middle shelf of the Red Bookcase.
  • To get the Easel, click on the sun in the Sunset Painting.
  • To get the Potted Palm, click on pot for the Evergreen Plant.
  • To get the Cavern Chair, click in the middle of the Swinging Vines.
  • To get the Tropical Palm, click on the steering wheel of the Pirate Ship.
  • To get the steering wheel, click on the right pole of the Violet Velvet Rope.
  • To get the Mannequin, click on the right side of the Judge’s Table.
  • To get the Ancient Archway, click on the lock on the Treasure Chest.
  • To get the Bamboo Torch, click on the grill on the Barbeque.
  • To get the Candy Cane, click on the Gingerbread Man.
  • To get the Log Bench, click on the word Swirly on the Swirly Lollipop.
  • To get the Log Chair, click on the Gumdrop Tree.
  • To get the Icicle Lights, click on the Icing Decorations.
  • To get the Log Drawers, click on the Coins for Change sign on the Decoration Station.
  • To get the Presents, click on the word Stockings.
  • To get the Holiday Tree Decoration, click on the word Holiday in Holiday Star Decoration.
  • To get the Holiday Tree, click on the word chance in the banner.
  • To get the Wooden Reindeer, click on the snowman’s top hat.
  • To get the Leaning Tree, click on the fuzzy hat of the snowman in the middle.
  • To get the Lamp Post, click on the hat of the snowman on the right.

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