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Rockhopper’s Quest Cheats

Yo-ho-ho, Captain Rockhopper has arrived once again on Club Penguin and this time he’s here to kick of a quest to explore and search for Shipwreck Island. The first thing you’ll want to do is head over to the Beach to find the Migrator.

Crew Cap

There’s a free item at the party, as always. This time it’s the crew cap. You’ll find it at the Beach, outside the lighthouse. Look in the bottom-left corner for the Free! sign and there’s a barrel full of the caps right there.

Start the Quest

Waddle onto the Migrator which, as usual, is parked behind the lighthouse. Instead of appearing on board immediately like you normally do, youll see a picture of Rockhopper and Yarr. Rockhopper will have a few things to tell you:

Avast me hearty! Welcome aboard the Migrator!

Ye now be a member of the me crew! I be expecting ye to pull yer weight!

Captain Rockhopper sure likes to use exclamation points. He then goes on to explain more about the adventure.

We be sailin’ for a dangerous place–Shipwreck Island.

Help me build a beacon there to keep sailors safe.

First we need supplies. Let’s get to work!

Raise the anchor and chart a course for Black Island Trading Post!

You’ll be on board the Migrator and if you’ve got your sound turned on, some rousing adventure music will start to play. Oh, the call of the salty sea spray! The journey will go slowly, but there’s a fun trick to make the ship move faster. Stand on top of any of the darker brown squares on the deck. There are two up front, one by the wheel, and two more on the port and starboard sides of the ship. When you stand on one, a target will appear. Toss a snowball at it to cause some of the machinery to turn on and make it go faster.

Eventually, you’ll arrive and the gangplank at the bottom will roll open. Disembark and Rockhopper will appear again, telling you:

Yarr-harr-harr! We’ve docked at Swashbuckler Trading Post.

This be the place for beacon buildin’ supplies.

We need plenty of building materials for the structure of the beacon.

I hear there also be rare and interesting items for sale.

Look lively crew! We won’t be stayin’ long.

Get back before we cast off–or we might leave ye behind! Yarr har! Just kiddin’

Wait, this is Swashbuckler Trading Post? I thought Rockhopper said we were going to Black Island Trading Post. What gives, Captain R?

In any case, you will arrive at a trading post. The item you want are the supplies right above you on the platform above the Fish Dogs stand. Grab them and you’ll get a note that they’ve been added to the ship’s cargo.

Trading Post Materials

You can stay and shop here at the trading post if you like. You can buy the Corsair Coat (400 coins), the Corsair Captain wig (250 coins), the Black Swashbuckler’s Hat (250 coins) and the Swashbuckler’s Leather Coat (450 coins) if you are a member on Club Penguin.

When you’re ready, climb back aboard the Migrator to sail for the next stop. Once you arrive, Captain Rockhopper appears again:

YARR! Welcome to Dinosaur Island, crew! This be the best place to find glowing gems.

One of those would be PERFECT for a beacon. Find a gem and bring it back.

Keep yer eyes open for any landlubber lizards lookin’ for trouble!

Though, if ye have the coins to spare, ye might find one to trade with…

If any of those dinosaurs wants to help out, bring ’em along!

I could always use some prehistoric pirates in me crew.

Now you’ll be on Dinosaur Island. The gem is in inside the little temple on the right. You don’t have to walk there. Just click on it to add the gem to the ship’s cargo. There’s also a shop here. If you’re a member, you can buy the Rising Sun Crown (250 coins), the Ancient Robes (350 coins), and the Dinosaurus Rex costume (600 coins). That last one is pretty cool!

Club Penguin Dinosaur Island Gem

Return to the Migrator once more and set sail. Soon, you’ll arrive at the final destination: the mysterious Shipwreck Island. Disembark and Rockhopper will appear once more:

YAR-HAR! We made it! Crew, drop anchor and prepare to go ashore!

This be the place we’re lookin’ for. Shipwreck Island!

Here be your orders–the supplies are unloaded, so let’s get building that beacon.

Once ye’ve done that, make sure it’s shining bright, and yer done!

I’ve never docked on this island before. I wonder if there be any secrets hidden here…

Once the beacon be built, take a look around for treasure.

You’ll arrive on the island, which is dark and spooky. Waddle up to the right side and click on the beacon parts three times to assemble it. When you’re done, you’ll get a shipwreck beacon to put in your inventory. At this point, you’re done with the quest. If you’re a member, you can go inside the cave to the bonus area.

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SO COOL IT WAS FUN!!!!!!!!!! people on Swashbukler trading post acted like princesses and queens… it was fun!

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ur right… they did act like princesses and queens O_o

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