Club Penguin Field Ops 70

Club Penguin Field Ops 70

Attention EPF agents: there is a new Field Ops mission available. This new mission is tied in to the Rockhopper’s Quest event happening right now. Gary the Gadget Guy needs you to board the migrator and travel to remote island. Once your arrive on Shipwreck Island, you need to set up an EPF radio antenna in the new beacon there.

To do this mission, first go to the EPF Headquarters and accept the mission. Then head to the beach and board the Migrator. You’ll need to stop at the first two islands to pick up the materials. When the Migrator arrives on Shipwreck Island, go to the top right corner to set up the beacon from the equipment. Your phone will vibrate and light up.

Click it to play the mini-game, which is the circuit board battery game (a very popular puzzle for Field Ops Missions). Once you complete it, you’ll be done with Field Ops 70. Congratulations, agent!

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