Club Penguin Underwater Expedition

Club Penguin Underwater Expedition Cheats

The very first Club Penguin Underwater Expedition has arrived on the island and here are all the cheats and secrets for this fun new event. In an attempt to sink the Beach just a little bit with Anvils, Rookie nearly sunk the entire island! Most of the island is tilting as a result, except for the Iceberg. Oh, the irony!

Club Penguin Island Tip

Ironically, it's the main island that's tipping and not the iceberg.

The party gets started at the Beach, which is submerged under water! This is also where you can get the free item, a Heavy Hat. Yes, now you, too, can wear an anvil on your head. Talk about your major headaches!

Club Penguin Heavy Hat

If you click on the pile of anvils at the bottom of the screen, you’ll start floating them up one by one with colored balloons. Do your part to help clean up the mess that Rookie caused!

You can also visit the Dock and earn a free background by cleaning up all the junk that is underwater. Click on each of the items to put them in the recycling bin. After you click all of them (look on both sides of the Dock), you’ll get the free background.

Members can enter the ancient doorway at the Beach and this provides access to the Underwater Maze. Complete the Maze to enter the Mysterious Deep, a special area where you’ll find another free item, the Submarine Suit.

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