Club Penguin Fireworks 2012

Fireworks Appear for 2012

It’s an annual tradition in Club Penguin: the appearance of fireworks at New Year’s. This year, as always, you can view fireworks in two locations. They’re at the Iceberg and on top of the Ski Hill. When you arrive you can watch (and listen to) fireworks shooting off into the sky. They appear in many different colors and sometimes you’ll see a special firework, such as one in the shape of a puffle. Every minute or so, there will be a big “finale” and several fireworks will explode at once.

The fireworks and New Year’s celebration always seems a little anti-climactic after the big Holiday Party but it’s still fun to check out and see. The fireworks will be lighting up the sky through January 5.

Club Penguin Fireworks Finale at the Iceberg

The big finale every minute or so shows a lot of fireworks exploding all at once.

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caleb314 January 4, 2012 at 11:37 pm

hi people on club penguin

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